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CURRENT AFFAIRS - 25 June 2024.pdf
Today's CA - The Hindu

(Delhi Edition)


• Article 3
• Teesta River Water Sharing
• Coffee Board of India ☕
• Valmiki Scam - Economic Offence
• POCSO and SC/ST Act
• World Craft City Tag - Srinagar
• Waynad Wildlife Sanctuary
• NTA Reform Committee
• IWT, 1960
• Maternity Leave - Surrogacy
• Suspension Bridge - Army 🪖
• mAbs, Biosimilars
• Current Account
• Essential Commodities Act
• Critical Minerals
• Turkiye's Kurdish Region
• Russia's Dagestan Region
• Iran-Bahrain Talks

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CURRENT AFFAIRS - 24 June 2024.pdf
Today's CA - The Hindu

(Delhi Edition)


• Manipur - Internal Security Concern
• Great Nicobar Island Infrastructure Project
• pro tem Speaker
• Methanol
• CII recommendations
• Pushpak RLV LEX-03
• MicroRNA (miRNA) - Liquid Biopsy - Breast Cancer
• Haj, Mecca

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CURRENT AFFAIRS - 23 June 2024.pdf
Today's CA - The Hindu

(Delhi Edition)


• GST Council
• pro tem Speaker
• OBC Quota - Maharashtra
• Teesta River Basin
• Kopili and Kushiyara River - Assam
• National Security Act
• Chalchitra Academy - Lalbazar
• India-Bangladesh
• Border Security Forces
• BNS and Section 377 of IPC
• AI regulations
• 50-year Interest Free Loan Scheme
• Buffer Stock 🧅
• Rotavirus
• US-South Korea joint military exercise
• China-France Satellite 🛰️ - SVOM


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The curious life of Vikram Grewal | Life of an IFS officer

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