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It will start chopping around the yellow line to determine it's next move

Close positions according to your portfolio size.

Securing gains is always the aim

If you have an $ETH position, lock profit using a TRAILING STOP

It's struggling to break through 1906 with the weekly open acting as Resistance

$LINA took a dive down at today's opening price

Apply Trailing Stop

$LINA has now lost its momentum, and closed below monthly open and daily open on both the 1h and 4h TF, as well as flip ascending trendline to form a change of structure

A retest of M-Open and D-Open will see a massive downside reaction👀

If $ETH flips 1909 (weekly open), we'll see more upside activity to 1930

Be safe though, it's weekend

CLOSED all LONG positions and off for the weekend


$COMP got a off to a perfect start
Now on Trailing SL

Got busy and missed the $LDO flip

Looking for $OP to squeeze higher again to get back into another short - alerts set

Gm guys

$RNDR attempting to flip MONDAY'S Close which is acting as Resistance, but getting rejected sharply

If it flips ML, I expect it to go all the way to MH (MONDAY'S HIGH), otherwise, we're going lower

See application in the last Chart for $ETH

Monday low been acting resistance for $ETH. Flip that and we simply take all the stops upto Monday high

Waiting for triggers just above Monday low


$CSIX bottom is in

•We have a bullish divergence
•Double bottom on lower time frames
•trycarbonio team is putting in tremendous work that will reflect on the price soon


$BTC looks very choppy, with low volume throughout the market, manipulation is possible

All we can do now is SCALP, NOT SWING AND very importantly, always watch the Monday range (high low) to scalp a chart📌

Take that as a rule of thumb

$RNDR remains a VALID short, so I'm looking to re-enter at 2.75-2.80

Trailing Stop Hit at 2.42 on $RNDR

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