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Who coined the term Aromatherapy?
  •   (a) Rene-Maurice Gattefosse in 1928
  •   (b) Caventou in 1925
  •   (c) Theophrastus in 1930
  •   (d) Hooker in 1910
73 votes

The Unani system of medicine is based on which two theories?
  •   (a) Hippocratic theory of four humors and Pythagorean theory of four proximate qualities
  •   (b) Panchamahabhuta and Tridosha
  •   (c) Hippocratic theory of four humors and Panchamahabhuta
  •   (d) None of the above
70 votes

Which system of medicine involves the concept of Proving and Prover?
  •   (a) Homoeopathy
  •   (b) Ayurveda
  •   (c) Aromatherapy
  •   (d) Unani System
70 votes

The principle "Like cures like" is associated with which medical system?
  •   (a) Homeopathy system of medicine
  •   (b) Chinese system of medicine
  •   (c) Ayurveda system of medicine
  •   (d) Unani system of medicine
71 votes

Which of the following is a fundamental principle of homeopathy?
  •   (a) All of the above
  •   (b) Totality of symptoms
  •   (c) The law of similarity
  •   (d) Minimum dose
71 votes

Who is credited with developing the homeopathic system of medicine?
  •   (a) Samuel Hahnemann
  •   (b) Galen
  •   (c) Hippocrates
  •   (d) Sydler
72 votes

How are causative factors of diseases identified in the Siddha system of medicine?
  •   (a) All of the above
  •   (b) Colour of body
  •   (c) Pulse reading
  •   (d) Urine examination
72 votes

Which term in Ayurveda refers to the potency of a drug?
  •   (a) Veerya
  •   (b) Prabhava
  •   (c) Vipaka
  •   (d) Guna
76 votes

What is the name of the powder obtained through calcination in Ayurveda?
  •   (a) Bhasma
  •   (b) Vati
  •   (c) Lepa
  •   (d) Churna
82 votes

Which Ayurvedic dosage form does Punarnavasava belong to?
  •   (a) Asava
  •   (b) Anjana
  •   (c) Avaleha
  •   (d) Arista
84 votes

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All statements are true for the sublingual route EXCEPT:
  •   (a) Action can be terminated any time
  •   (b) All drugs can be given
  •   (c) Bypasses first-pass metabolism
  •   (d) Rapid absorption
95 votes

TRUE statement about the rectal route of administration:
  •   (a) There is predictable absorption of drug
  •   (b) Diazepam cannot be given via rectal route of administration
  •   (c) Cannot be used in unconscious patient
  •   (d) Used for irritant and unpleasant drugs
92 votes

Which route is likely to provide 100% bioavailability?
  •   (a) Intravenous
  •   (b) Subcutaneous
  •   (c) Intramuscular
  •   (d) Intradermal
103 votes

All the following routes bypass first-pass metabolism EXCEPT:
  •   (a) Intravenous
  •   (b) Oral
  •   (c) Transdermal
  •   (d) Sublingual
105 votes

Which route experiences the maximum first-pass metabolism?
  •   (a) Rectal
  •   (b) Oral
  •   (c) Intra-arterial
  •   (d) Intravenous
95 votes

Regarding drug administration routes, which statement is TRUE?
  •   (a) I.M. administration needs sterile technique
  •   (b) I.D. injection produces local tissue necrosis and irritation
  •   (c) Inhalation produces delayed systemic bio-availability
  •   (d) 80% bio-availability by I.V. injection
86 votes

Which route of administration exhibits the most variable absorption?
  •   (a) Rectal
  •   (b) Oral
  •   (c) Intravenous
  •   (d) Intramuscular
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