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Welcome aspirants! You Tube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpaJ2l8dpyphklGguWrn6dQ

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You believe 🤞
You take action 🎬
You get results ❤️

-4 to 12 correct out of 15 is not a joke 🔥
There are many out there who are loosing hope in this last month, but take my advice just give your best in these 20 days and you will definitely not regret.

There are many stories where students scored 550 in last mock and 630 in NEET ✨
How is it possible?
Answer- Confidence 💪

So, anything can happen follow the revision schedule that I have provided. Follow it any how and you will see an improvement in 2 weeks 🤝

And yes this magical Heuristic series will definitely help you in this because this is exactly what I was searching for in my NEET preparation but I was unable to find any Avinash who can teach me like that 😄

So, use it and make your Parents proud ❤️and kabhi man Kiya to is channel ka naam lelena apne interview me🫂😇

21k 0 48 1.2k

This is exactly what I used to do in my last days. Mera isse bhi hectic tha qki chapters jyada the. So, easily isko follow kro atleast bio, inorganic, organic wala plan because ye confidence boost kr dega❤️

Hey Champs 💪

Due to your high demands for Chemistry revision schedule, I made an amazing plan for you guys. This will help you complete Organic & Inorganic at least 4-5 times from now✨

The video will be live around 5:30 Pm💥
Stay Tuned‼️

Schedule ☝️

Biology Revision.pdf
Biology Revision.pdf

27k 0 584 466

Video is live 🤟
Start following it from today itself ❤️

This is the exact same plan that I followed 🤝

Hey Champs 💪

In the upcoming video I am going to provide you exact day wise plan so that you can revise Biology NCERT 5 times from now and boost your score to 340+ in NEET 2024✨


Good night 😴

Amines NCERT Highlights 💎.pdf
Amines NCERT Highlights 💎.pdf

Amines complete ✅

Aldehyde Ketone Carboxylic NCERT Highlights 💎.pdf
Aldehyde Ketone Carboxylic NCERT Highlights 💎.pdf

Amines Rxn copy✨.pdf
Check the PDF file attached.

Chalo ab khatam krte h 🤝

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