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Гео и язык канала
Индия, Хинди
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Paid-up Capital means amount of capital actually paid by ......
  •   a. Shareholders
  •   b. Equity Shareholders
  •   c. Preference Shareholders
  •   d. All of the above
10 голосов

Customer has been defined under ......
  •   a. BR Act, 1949
  •   b. Indian Contract Act, 1872
  •   c. Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881
  •   d. There is no statutory definition under the BR Act, 1949 or any other relevant Act
5 голосов

The Banking Ombudsman is appointed by ......
  •   a. IBA
  •   b. Government of India
  •   c. RBI
  •   d. Supreme Court
6 голосов

A customer failed to receive cash from the ATM, but found his account was debited. The amount should be reimbursed within a maximum period of
  •   a. 10 days
  •   b. 15 days
  •   c. 12 days
  •   d. 7 days
6 голосов

A foreigner who cannot speak English walks into a branch for encashment of Traveller’s cheques. (Choose the appropriate option from among the following
  •   a. The staff should refuse to encash the TCs
  •   b. The staff should send the customer to another bank
  •   c. The staff should try to communicate with the customer as much as possible and understandhis needs
  •   d. The staff should refer the customer to the Head Office
6 голосов

Digital Signature consists of ......
  •   a. Message Only
  •   b. Random Number Only
  •   c. Both A and B
  •   d. None of these
7 голосов

Notice Money means money lent/borrowed between banks and entities like PDs for ......
  •   a. 1 day
  •   b. 2-14 days
  •   c. More than 14 days
  •   d. None of these
8 голосов

Treasury bills are issued for a period of upto......
  •   a. 30 days
  •   b. 31 days
  •   c. 90 Days
  •   d. 91 daysc
8 голосов

CPs are issued normally for a tenure of......
  •   a. 30 Days
  •   b. 60 Days
  •   c. 90 Days
  •   d.120 Days
7 голосов

Minimum tenur of Government Securities is ...... days.
  •   a. 1
  •   b. 2
  •   c. 3
  •   d. 5
9 голосов

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