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BREAKING ⚡️In a major breakthrough, NIA has arrested 16 persons for conspiring & carrying out communal attack at Dalkhola, West Bengal during Ram Navami procession in March 2023.

Arrested are Md. Ashraf, Afroj, Imtiaz, Irfan, Furkan, Wasim, Suleman, Jannat, Tanweer etc


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Drunk Rahet Fateh Ali Khan trying to escape from Hell but all in vain.

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Some netizens alleged the unruly passenger was Rahet Fateh Ali Khan.

⚡️The Hungarian Parliament ratified Sweden's application to join NATO.

Unruly Drunk Momin Passenger Restrained With Cable Ties on Dubai-Islamabad Flight

In the video, the momin passenger can be seen head-butting a male crew member, prompting the flight attendants to tackle him to the ground. A second crew member promptly moved to assist. Following this, a female cabin crew member provided zip ties to restrain the passenger.

Later the drunk momin was taken for treatment in a wheelchair.

It is worthy to note that UAE Cabin crew is trained in taekwondo to deal with such garbage.

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After the debate - I failed to explain.

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'Islamic Perspective of Divorce' explained by an English Speaking Madarsa Chap Jaahil Maulana.

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But the fact is she made the girl apologize for doing nothing wrong.

And they want to give her gallantry for making an innocent say sorry.

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Why wasn't Maulana Tariq Jameel accused of committing Blasphemy..

Why these double standards..? Puchta hai Bharat...!

She has been recommended for Police gallantry award

The 🇵🇰 Pakistani woman was attacked for wearing clothes with 🐪 Arabic text by the jihadi mob and was forced to apologize in police custody in front of the Islamists, who accused her of blasphemy and wanted to lynch her for being 'Gustaq-e-Rasool'.

And what was written on the dress? Halwa in Arabic (meaning sweets).

Surprisingly the converted muslims couldn't read Arabic..!

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Gyanvapi case: Muslim side moves SC against Allahabad HC order

China plans to conduct about 100 space launches in 2024

An woke American soldier who set himself on fire near the Israeli embassy in the United States has died, NBC reports.

A US Air Force soldier took this action in protest against the operation in Gaza, Fox News reported.

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Common people of Punjab are fed-up with daily drama of so-called farmers. Visuals of a father cursing these protestors who stopped him by illegaly blocking road, while he was taking his small kids to take medicine.


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❗️Some EU and NATO countries are considering the possibility of sending their military to Ukraine on the basis of bilateral agreements - Prime Minister of Slovakia

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Vishwaguru 🇮🇳Bharat, guiding the Arab World.

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China has decided to introduce a visa-free regime for Georgian citizens, said Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze

Ukrainian President Zelensky says 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed during Russia's full-scale invasion.

In terms of Russian losses, Zelensky said 180,000 Russian soldiers have been killed and tens of thousands more injured.

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Not to forget, in 2017.

The Coast Guard has become the first force to deploy women in combat roles.
Four female officers were deployed in coastal areas bordering Pakistan and Bangladesh

The only issue is the 'permanent' commission.

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