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For a good morning😉

Coffee in bed for your beloved girl is a win-win option to start a new day, and it will not only show love, but also care.

So, the recipe is simple: you choose the time when your tigress is still purring in bed, discreetly go to the kitchen, conjure up the preparation, and bring her a fragrant drink in bed.

BTW, your smile, tiger, even a little embarrassed, is a must ;)

A light breakfast accompanying the coffee - depending on the situation and your mutual desire.

Hugged you❤️

Sexologist Alice

Men, I remind you of the importance of having a legitimate "Lazy Day" every few weeks.

You need to isolate yourself from people and be a rotten cabbage.
Maybe cry, eat junk, play games, watch porn, call your friends and talk it out.

You can be negative on this day (and only this day!), yell and beat the pillow, be apathetic, and do EVERYTHING you want to do.

Unburden your psyche already!
⬆️ Or it will tear like a hamster's cheeks.

Bi-Sexologist Emily

Stay damn busy for a change! 😈

Guys who are constantly on the phone and respond to every text message from a girl are beautiful. But more often than not, they make you smile and want to smack you around affectionately.

Few people like easy-going men!
To ignite interest in yourself, try to answer her messages with a delay of 20 minutes to 3-4 hours.

You have your own business, your own plans, tiger. Answer all questions with "been busy", "working", or something like that.

Don't make excuses, don't fall for manipulation.

And girls do that a lot. Pisses you off, doesn't it, when they're not in touch?
That's right 😉

Bi-Sexologist Emily

So, what about the romantic scene?

First of all, realize the most important thing: You don't have to be too fussy about romance. Rampant sex with a girl you've known for two hours and are unlikely to know in three doesn't need a bath of rose petals.
Your bodies are enough😏

Romance is appropriate for first sex and already when you're in a relationship for special occasions. But be careful here, too.

Don't go overboard with the candles, petals, etc. - It might look too sappy. But dim lights, "sexy" music, and a bottle of wine always work.

For me, it's easy to bribe me with a nice bottle of wine😅
But today I only drink lemonade...

Sexologist Alice

How to get out of the Friendzone and no longer be the nice guy?

And I'll tell you right away - there's only one way out of this trap.
Let her know clearly and confidently your intentions, that you are not a friend. You like her as a girl and you're going on a date tomorrow.

Yeah, that's right, no snot❗️

Answer "no" - don't ever talk to her again. From now on, start working on yourself and finally open your eyes to the dozens of girls around you👌🏻
At some point, you're bound to realize that she's "average" and unique just doesn't exist.

And once you get past that point you'll never find yourself in the friendzone again. Just be careful, that same "regular" will probably want to be with you now.
Now play with her on your own rules😉

Sexologist Alice

Instructions for making love in the car

Sex in the car is a great way to diversify your love life and bring a dose of adrenaline into it.

So, I decided to share with you my fave poses😏

🔻The horsewoman is my all-time favorite. Of course, it's most easily "performed" in the back seat in the car.
🔻Doggy style - conquers in both the reclined front seat and the back seat.
🔻Sitting, face-to-face is the most arousing option. The chance to look into each other's eyes solves a lot.
BJ: The driver's blow job is an enduring classic. There's not even much to tell, just remember to look at the road😅

Sexologist Alice

No need to worry about small things during sex

During moments of intimacy, we wish that everything was perfect. Naked bodies, languid breathing, moans and touching create a unique atmosphere, but it happens that the partner is too nervous because of stupid things.

Hi all👋, here's Lily, and I want you to get the idea that mishaps and ridiculous situations happen in the process, but you shouldn't pay attention to them☝️

Many people sweat in the process of having sex, and that's normal. It is not necessary to worry about a wet back. Nothing special will happen if both partners take a shower after sex and continue to enjoy each other.

Many people worry about body hair. If this issue has matured already at a time when you can not fix the situation - no need to worry. In any case, your partner will not count the hair on your body🤷🏻‍♀️

Neither me, nor my boyfriend, nor our acquaintances have any stories when sex failed or did not take place because of hair😂

Keep your ears and eyes away from her secrets

Lily’s with ya, and I want all people to get that demands work both ways. If you want something from your partner, you must give him the same or something of equal value in return.

For example: privacy only works both ways. If you're sad about someone spending time on your phone and re-reading your mail, show extreme deference to her mail, her iPhones, and her handbags.

"I'm sorry, honey, I can't answer this email for you, coz I don't want to know your password. I'm sorry, that’s unacceptable to me: that’s your personal space." It won't work right away, but these things are contagious.

And, in fact, you have nothing to do in her personal space. The less you know, the better you sleep. Otherwise, imagine: you'll see in her correspondence something that you very much do not like, and how will you live with it?


Hi all👋, here's Lily, and I wanna tell the girls how to add passion to a relationship and, naturally, to sex😈

Everyone knows the joke "the first 40 years of a man's childhood are the hardest." Well, men are big kids, and kids love surprises.

🔸Make him take a shower before going to bed and then wake him up with a blow job
🔸Sit on his lap in a skirt and no underwear when he's busy doing something, letting him know there's nothing under his skirt (only he has to be busy doing something not very important or he might get mad)
🔸Give him a "warm" welcome after work.

If you've never done this with him before, he'll probably be confused the first time. But trust me, he'll love it.

p.s. boys, that goes for you too. well, except for the "sit on your lap without panties" part, i don't think your lady would enjoy such a surprise😂

Unexpected Reason She Has Difficulties with an Orgasm

Here’s Lily, and if your gf thinks you have to hold the door for her, help her put her coat on, and god forbid, carry her purse, just because you were born a man, I have some bad news for you:

She has a much harder time experiencing an orgasm than a woman with feminist views.

The correlation between these seemingly distant concepts is that the higher the demands a woman makes, the less satisfied she is with her partner in general and sex in particular.

Women who believe that she should be passive and a man should dominate - the responsibility for their orgasm rely solely on the man and get much less pleasure from sex. Such women do not consider it important to talk about sex and their needs.

In couples, such women more often perceive sex as an obligation and duty, and what could be less sexy than treating sex as a "compulsion"?

Keep on learning where the flirting and the sympathy is.

Here's Lily, and that's the second part, the first one, about the smile, you can read above

Today we are gonna talk about touches.

When a person is flirting - they often start touching things they wouldn't normally touch during a conversation: you and yourself😂

Nope, I'm serious. If a person touches you during a conversation - that shows a certain degree of sympathy. There is no such thing as "accidentally" putting your hand on your shoulder☝️

And your interlocutor can also touch himself. Rubbing a curl is a classic. A hand in the mouth is also quite obvious. A more hidden sign is if she touches her hips, as if adjusting the hem of her skirt, touching her neck

p.s. lack of touching is not a sign of lack of sympathy, on one of my first dates I didn't tell my boyfriend "take your hands off, I don't like strangers touching me". You know what it led to😏

Take your time, cowboy😂

Here's Lily, and I wanna tell you about a little trick, and explain to you how it all works

The female anatomy is arranged in such a way that the main nerve endings are located near the very entrance. That's why most women like the first friction - the moment when you enter her. Then the sensation dulls. But the pleasure can be stretched.

After making a couple of movements, leave her for a minute or two and fondle the other area. During this time, she will manage to recover and be able to experience again the thrill of your first appearance.

In some cases, by repeating this technique, you can reach such a degree of arousal that it takes only a few frictions to reach her peak🔥

Flowers, though trivial, are not a bad thing.

Lily is on the phone, and many people think flowers are a useless waste of money. Perhaps, they are, but then any form of turning money into pleasure is useless.
In general, a bouquet of flowers is a good old classic, and classics, as we know, do not appear in an empty place☝️

A modest, but exquisite bouquet will tell about your attentive attitude to her more than any words.

🔹 Don't give red roses at your first meeting. Red roses are trivial to the point of nausea🤢
White or soft pink peonies with big round buds are at the height of fashion now. She'll want to immediately post photos of these flowers on her Instagram, and that, trust our experience, is a direct proof of the right choice.
🔹 Don't give too big a bouquet: no one wants to carry "heavy things" with him. A composition of five or seven flowers will be just right.

Next episode goes on

Hi everyone, this is Lily, and I wanna give some advice to all the guys hoping for a "serious" relationship: don't rush into proposing to go to either of your houses.

After a classic date, the options are two: either you go to your place, or you beautifully accompanied her to the entrance and say goodbye with a quick kiss.

If the date is the first, it is better not to invite her to his place, and even less insist on continuing. Yes, no matter how much you'd like that. Yes, even if she probably doesn't mind. Be crafty, girls love the "different kind" and appreciate it when a man wins them over😏

Imagine how much longer alone time will be in 3-4 more meetings🔥

How to know that the sympathy is mutual?

Certainly, the most reliable way would be just to ask, but it is too simple, and there is always a chance to be "left in fools" after such a question🤷🏻‍♀️

Lily is here with ya, and I've got a method ready for you to figure out if a person is interested in communicating with you a little more than they are with others.

Never underestimate the importance of a normal human smile! Of course, it can be a duty smile with just lips. However, if the eyes are also involved, it's the right thing to do!

Next time you come to work, look at a colleague you like and note what she will do. If she smiles and lingers a glance at you - you should offer her a coffee after work

Unless you're talking about a good actor, the duty smile you can't match the genuine smile of someone who's happy to see you

Smile at people you like. It may not increase the amount of sex in your life, but you will smile more😉

All work and no play makes ya a dull boy

Hi all👋, here's Lily, and who hasn't had a dream of flicking off a stapler, a sharpener, a wireless mouse and mastering a partner right on your desk? If you have an entire office at your disposal (and not necessarily yours), there are endless possibilities for the two of you.

Today you're the stern boss and she's your subordinate in every way. Tomorrow she is a languid boss, and you diligent and executive employee. Role-playing, role-playing and role-playing again🔥

But, alas, not everyone works in a separate office with a leather chair and blinds. Someone has been sharing a workspace with other people for years, but that doesn't mean that such a beautiful location can be crossed out. After all, almost everyone has a desk at home that is used as a work😏

You're pissing me off!!!

Lily's on the phone, and I'll teach you how to swear!

If you spend a long time with someone you don't have to portray any social role in front of. There will inevitably be quarrels. Consciously or subconsciously a loved one knows how to display emotion.

But you can also argue in different ways. As already said, you should always own up and be able to hear the other person. But it makes no sense to keep silent about the problems.

The worst option is to start making complaints in a reproachful way. "You don't support me, you don't want me, you never wash your fucking mug!" The opponent will take the complaint as aggression and get defensive, yell and stop hearing you.

You can say the same thing about how you feel and feel.
Such phrases are no longer a cause for scandal, but rather a request for help. The reaction to it will be just the opposite.
You'll see

No one likes silence during sex

Here's Lily, and although sex involves many parts of the body, we, girls, continue to love you with our ears🦻

Personally, I love it when my boyfriend moans during sex, whispers all sorts of soft or rough things. The main thing is not to be silent. Otherwise it may seem that at this moment he is not with me, but at work or, worse, with someone else👿

If during sex you do not give out a single sound or a muscle of your face that all what is happening bothers you in any way, the girl can visit an unpleasant guess: she is doing something wrong. Put yourself in her place, will you be able to enjoy sex with these thoughts?

A little hint: NO. Instead of practicing eloquence, convincing her how great you were, it's better to make verbal contact from the beginning and let her know right during the process that you feel good. Believe me, this kind of behavior motivates you to make it even more pleasant, if you know what I mean😏


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Cheeky way to excite a man quickly and strongly

Here's Lily, and I wanna inspire you to be proactive 😏

If you're burning with desire and your partner isn't ready, here are the instructions to remedy the situation 👌

Men are used to mostly playing the role of initiator. And if you take everything into your own hands, undress a man and start foreplay, he will get excited and will be pleasantly surprised.

So, lovely ladies, don't be shy and don't wait for something, but do it yourself 🙋

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