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Disclaimer: I am not a SEBI Registered analyst. Charts are made only for study purpose and paper trading !!! Happy learning. Mv :-)
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Гео и язык канала
Индия, Английский
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The law of Attraction 😊

A small act of kindness will always spread big positivity...

This is all we expect in return from all of you and not the money. Help the needy people as much as possible . 😊

Thank you so much RK bro for your kindness. 🙏

Bye Bye Pune 👋

Time up Buddies!! Have a great weekend with friends and family...

See you all by Monday. 🏃‍♂

Exide 495++


RTN India - 84++

PFC - 495 ⚡

Just 🔒 and throw away the key 🗝️

Mera Chota wish 🙏

Tata motors - Drive onnnnnn

Pennar industries - 18th Oct, 2023 view.

117 to 150++

Tgt1 ✅ and 25% done.

Hold tight pls for a big move. Above 164 will reach 200++

Detoxing !!

Gifty - 23081++

Closing above 23100, you know what will happen. 😊

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