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Категория: Даркнет

⚠️ Warning: Many users reported this account as a scam or a fake account. Please be careful, especially if it asks you for money.

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Гео и язык канала
Индия, Английский
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🥺 𝔸𝕥𝕥𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟 𝕌𝕤𝕖𝕣𝕤 🛑

🫱 Looking to buy small Groups (1-2 members or 1-100 members) from 2022 or earlier.

❌ Not new groups ❌

Buying groups with these prices 👇

✅ Based on Years ☣

2022 - ₹25rs
2021 - ₹50rs
2020 - ₹80rs
2019 - ₹100rs

😋 The groups should have a visible chat history and you should be transferred the ownership of the group to my account.

😜 I will buy your all groups one by one. It will help you to earn some money 💰

🫱 Contact me on Telegram: @SHEHHZADA0

🫱 Proofs
: @ShehhZada_Proofs

❌ Scammers
are not allowed

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.⚡️ Introducing the Telegram's Most Advanced AI-Based Powerful Group and Channel Management Bot! @AlitaRobot ⚡️

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the bot to your group and channel as an admin to test its features: @AlitaRobot

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leash the full potential of your Telegram groups and channels with our cutting-edge AI-powered bot. Discover a world of unbelievable features designed to make group and channel management a breeze!

🛡️ Auto-Delete Message: Keep your chats clean and organized. Set rules to automatically delete messages based on specific criteria.

🙅‍♂️ Ban All Members & 20+ Basic Commands: Maintain order and control with a comprehensive set of basic commands and the ability to ban all members with a single command.

🤖 Advanced Spam Detection Using AI: Shield your group from spam attacks with our advanced AI-powered spam detection system.

🔞 Advanced NSFW Content Detection Using AI: Ensure a safe and appropriate environment for all members with our AI-driven NSFW content detection feature.

🔗 Post Appender: Engage your audience like never before! Add inline buttons to all your posts in the channel, making it easy for members to interact and take action.

🚫 Blocklist Chat: Take control of your group's membership. Use the blocklist chat feature to remove specific users from your group, ensuring a harmonious and productive community.

👥 Tag All Members (Admin Only): Reach out to every member of your group with a single command. The 'Tag All Members' feature is exclusively available to administrators, making group-wide announcements a breeze.

🌟 Staff and Get Admins: Manage your team of moderators efficiently. Assign staff roles and retrieve a list of all admins with just a few simple commands.

🚀 Experience the Power of AI in Group and Channel Management! Unleash the full potential of your Telegram groups and channels with our AI-powered bot. Join the revolution today and take your group management skills to the next level!

For any bugs - Report on @Devschatroom

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4️⃣ Type in your creative prompt.
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Hello friends

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🔥 Super Sell

👌 Link:

👉 Channel is on Sell

👉 Price: 2000

👌 The channel will be given to a person who messages first.


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🌀 VCUT Editor
🎯 Version: vTeleModsApk🔺
⏩ Features and Mod :
├Pro Unlocked | Premium
├Full Features Unlocked
├Profile Crash Fixed
├App Crash Fixed
├No Login Required

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🌀 ADM Manager
🎯 Version: v10.23 🔺
⏩ Features and Mod :
├Pro Unlocked | Premium
├Full Features Unlocked
├Profile Crash Fixed
├App Crash Fixed
├No Login Required
Link : Click here to Download
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👀 Big And Ranked Channel is on The Auction

🔥Channel is on Sell 🎉

👉 Link: @Telemodsapk

🫲🫵 Aucti
on Price: {Start from 5k}

👉 PM/DM: @Telemodsapkownerji

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Deal is limited within tomorrow 🔥🔥

For those who want to start earning through the channel, this channel is the best for you. I am leaving telegram so i want to sell this channel. Those who give me a better deal, i will only sell to him. First cum fast deal.

Pm: @Telemodsapkownerji

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👌 Channel is on Sell 🤫

👉 Link: @Telemodsapk

👍 Price you can tell me on ib.

❤️😍 First cum fast deal. Matlab Jo pehle ake le lega usi ko milegaa. ☺️

Dm: @Telemodsapkownerji

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✦ ─━─━─━✦○✦━─━─━─ ✦

💳 BIN: 554351645056xxxx
☠ FECHA: 05|2026
🔐 CVV: Rnd
🗽 IP: USA 🇺🇸

🆗 Tested en:

🔰 PureFlix
🔰 Calm Premium
🔰 Flix Olé
🔰 Canva Premium
🔰 Picsart Gold
🔰 Hootsuite Premium
🔰 Utomik Premium
🔰 Namecheap VPN


✦ ─━─━─━✦○✦━─━─━─ ✦


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☝️Channel is on sell 👀

🔗 Link:- @Modded_Apps_Apk_Android_Free

✏️ Pm @crackxy with your price. .

📍 Don't come to waste time. I am selling it urgently.

🔸300$ Btc is on sell👆

1$ =₹75/₹76

Pm @legenddevz to buy.

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🔘 First Super Session Hack Bot with lot of options // First Pyrogram String Hack Bot

☑️ Username:- @SuperSessionHackBot

🌀 Pyrogram And Telethon both string are working in this bot. Even if you don't have any string session you can make stringsession through this bot by giving phone numbers and code.

👆Some Amazing Features:-

Here is list of task you wanna do with session
1 - Promote User
2 - Demote User
3 - Ban User
4 - Delete Account
5 - Check if 2FA is enabled
6 - Modify 2FA / Set 2FA
7 - Disable 2FA
8 - Terminate All Other Session
9 - Get String Stats
10 - Join a channel
11 - Leave A channel
12 - Send a Message
13 - Delete a channel / group
14 - Get chat information
15 - Demote all users
16 - Get Only OwnerChats
17 - Get Only AdminChats
18 - Get Last 3 Messages from Telegram
19 - Change Number
20 - Get all information about the user
21 - Modify Chat Username
22 - Modify Chat Title
23 - Modify Chat Description
24 - Transfer Chat Ownership

Full credit goes to an @HindustanNetwork moderator (name is hidden for security purposes)

❗️Just check it out. You will get surprised.

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👀 Antispam Api System is on sell

>> Api Source.
>> Package Source
>> Token Generator bot source
>> Spam Remover bot source with your Antispam system
>> Wrapper code
>> pypi uploading process with easiest tutorial.
>> Your Antispam plugin for your userbot with neccessary variables.
>> Free web docs creating process with tutorial and guidance
>> Ban, blacklist process and global fed ban tutorial and process.

Pm @legenddevz with your price

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📤BIN: 53558480501xxxxx
📤DATE: 01/25
📮IP: United Kingdom 🇬🇧

📥|Address: xxx CROWN DALE
📥|City: LONDON
📥|State: LONDON
📥|Phone: 0947xxxxx

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📤| BIN: 546759200087xxxx
📤| DATE: 11/25
📮| IP: MEXICO 🇲🇽
🔗| LINK: www.crunchyroll.com

PROOFS : @unkil_proofs

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