Preeti, AIR 130 - UPSC CSE 2022

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CSE 2022: IPS
AIR 130– 792 in Mains, 198 Interview

CSE 2021: IRS (C&IT)
AIR 242, 810 in mains, 416 in GS, 134 in essay

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Congratulations to those who made it! Welcome to the Services. :)

Those who can/ are willing to try again: All the very best! May every force align with you.

Those who decide to walk away now / whose attempts are over

If our lives are measured by the intangibles of what we give to this universe— you have already given it your all. Human memory might remember it’s victors, but there are memories etched in this universe too.

What counts in the space of the divine is— did you give your all? Did you do all you could? And if it’s all done now, let the universe reward you in unexpected ways. It will all come back in one form or another.

Our lives didn’t start here, we were not born to qualify an exam.

We were born to parents who happily welcomed us into this world. Our families loved and nurtured us to make us educated and independent. Our happiest moments of life are when we were loved and accepted and cared for.

I don’t remember how I felt when I topped boards exam but ask me how I felt when my Nani would feed me food or when my Dadaji would sing folk songs while taking me out or when a neighbour would bring me a ₹2 Kismi Bar everyday.

In this path of life, we saw some dreams, aspired for xyz. This exam is just one of those aspirations. Whether this materialises or not has no bearing on how beautiful your life can be.

Somebody could be an officer, 20 years into their career, sitting at an office in Lutyens and be depressed. Somebody who didn’t qualify could be living the happiest life filled with the best people.

This one moment which feels like the end of the road, as heavy as a mountain, as dark as a moonless night—— it will pass. And in 5 years time all of this will be forgotten.

You will still have your life and health and your loved ones and that will matter.

Please take this as an exam result and nothing else. If this journey is over for you— forget, detach, walk away, give yourself time to heal, feel proud that you gave it your all.

You will never have the regret that you didn’t try. And that will always always matter— to you, to people who love you & to this universe.

"Let me congratulate in advance, the people who will make it as well as those who will not. Amongst us, the successful ones will only be those who will take both this success and failure as a part of life, sit lightly on the chairs that come to us and use the coming moment of truth as a step to create a more meaningful life for ourselves."

One of the unknown realities of UPSC for aspirants is that every year, after the declaration of results, candidatures are cancelled when the service allocation is to be done.

This is often due to issues with OBC/EWS certificates, often malafide, sometimes bonafide.

People who get a rank within the general merit list and qualify prelims with the general cutoff do get a service according to general list, but others are not allotted any service at all.

I don't think anything else could be as cruel. To be able to find their name in the list, but never get the job.

Some end up as court cases, few with positive outcomes after many years, many with dismissals.

The details mentioned above are lesser known to most of us, it is better to carefully read them.

Репост из: Shubham Kumar: Strategy and Notes for UPSC(CSE)
Lot of queries in EWS

For EWS, few general points. I’m not an expert on this, kindly consult who has cleared with EWS for details

1) Family definition includes only your Parents and siblings below the age of 18

2) For land and residential plot:

Land - if the land doesn’t belong directly in the name of father or mother or any siblings below 18– one is eligible (if income criteria is fulfilled)

3) If the land papers is in name of Father/Mother and it is beyond the limit- one may not be eligible even if one has adult siblings. If the family is separate it is better to have land registered (legally: through deed) in the name of adult siblings.

4) lf the total income from your parents and you — is less than 8 lakhs, then your family should not be having land papers more than what is prescribed.

Anything in "Family" name is included. Until and unless "registered" in the name of someone outside this EWS family definition (including grandparents/adult siblings etc)

5) If the common house area (where more than one family is residing) is more than what is given as a limit- EWS would be eligible if the elder siblings and other families have gotten their share and it should be registered (legally through deed).

A special thanks to my friend and batchmate @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh for sharing the details

Репост из: Shubham Kumar: Strategy and Notes for UPSC(CSE)
I am posting this message again . Although it is very late since last date to registration for CSE 2024 is 5th March.

There is lot of confusion with regards to OBC non creamy layer certificate.

8 lakh income criteria in 90% of times is NOT applicable and even if your family income is more than 8 lakh, you can be eligible.

Also salary and income from agriculture is not included in 8 lakh test.

Moreover your own income is not included for income test. Only income o
f your Parents (Mother and Father)

OBC is given based upon your father’s and mother’s income and status.

Some general guidelines:

1)Even if income is more than 8 lakhs, one is eligible for OBC non creamy certificate- for group B,C,D employees (except in case where both mother and father is in group B service)

2) Father/Mother promoted to group A after 40 yrs of age, children are eligible for OBC NCL

3) For PSUs/Banks/other government sector : If anyone’s parents are not involved at managerial post then you would be eligible for OBC NCL (even if salary is more than 8 lakh as income from salary is not included for income test)

For own business- here, if income is more than 8lakhs officially (income tax filed for more than 8lakhs)- from business/investments/gold etc- one is not eligible. (This is a very small percentage)

5) All teachers/professors/Government employees belong to B,C and D categories are eligible (salary can be 15 lakhs)

6) Bank employees and PSU employees below rank of manager or promoted to manager after the age of 40 are eligible

7) For pensioners: if someone is eligible just before the retirement, then he/she is eligible for OBC NCL

Kindly watch this video. Also all the pdfs of acts/rules are attached in the description of the video

Art and Culture Revision Notes Pre.pdf
Art and Culture Revision Notes for Prelims.

Good & reliable compilation for practising economy questions along with well explained solutions.

Won't recommend a necessary reading of the mentioned book if you are already doing it from any other source.

Many people go for a reading of very elaborate economy books/notes, but it becomes difficult to revise. I have also made the mistake of buying those 300-600 page notes and not being able to even revise it once. It’s good for your understanding but you’ll need something concise for last moment revision.

So my suggestion is to pick up any concise economy source for the last few months which you can revise multiple times- which has concepts, definitions in one place.

An understanding of concepts, and intuitive sense of trends along with a perfect hold over PYQs will sail you through for eco. Doing pt365 goes without saying.


First revise the Indian Economy book and then practise these questions in serial order for better conceptual clarity.

MH Timeline- Abhimanyu Gahlaut Sir (AIR 38, CSE 2015)

Modern History Pre related.pdf
My notes of some of the most important chapters of Modern History. Might help with Prelims Revision. I tried to grasp and internalise the story as much as the details for MH. Maps, tables, visuals help. A good grasp of chronology is necessary.

Very helpful compilation. Going back to the IE Explained articles is a very good exercise in remembering the context and whole concept of the prelims CA revision you will do. I used to constantly go back to them so that I can remember the whole story and revise better.

Allocated the AGMUT Cadre of IPS 🇮🇳.

IPS cadre allocation, CSE 2022

Happiest New Year, 2024! ❤️

Search all your DAF keywords digitally and pick up questions asked around it from this compilation. Put it in one place & prepare answers on the same.

Like pyqs for pre and mains, this gives a good idea of where all your interview can go.

Further, for those whose interviews are on a later date—can go through daily upload of transcripts that will start coming in and prepare questions connected to them + current affairs.

Репост из: CSE20 Prelims Date Speculation/Info😊
CSE-2022 Interview transcript Compilation.pdf
Use these transcripts for CSPT-2023.

Compilation of all interview transcripts (CSPT-2022) which were shared by community with us @CSE_PTT2023
compilation work by Vijay.

Best Wishes🙏

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