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World Soil Day 05 December - History, Theme of 2022, Importance and related Awards.

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Theme for 2022: Soils: Where food begins

Which energy is utilized for making fog, smoke and vapor sprays? Online Agriculture
  •   Hydraulic
  •   Caseous
  •   Certrifugal / electrical
  •   Thermal
442 голосов

Folowing is an example for secondarily wingless insect Online Agriculture
  •   Blister beetle
  •   Head louse
  •   Collembolan
  •   Silver fish
364 голосов

In humans, an XO individual has how many barr body in her cells? Online Agriculture
  •   One
  •   Two
  •   Three
  •   None
335 голосов

The resulting two daughter cells produced by bridge-breakage fussion cycle will have Online Agriculture
  •   Duplication
  •   Deficiency
  •   Both (a) & (b)
  •   None
344 голосов

Which state is highest producer of fenugreek in India? Online Agriculture
  •   Rajasthan
  •   Madhya Pradesh
  •   Gujarat
  •   Maharastra
366 голосов

Litchi is commercially propagated by online Agriculture
  •   Veneer grafting
  •   Tip Layering
  •   Air layering
  •   March grafting
370 голосов

Mango seed lose their viability within Online Agriculture
  •   3-4 week
  •   4-5 week
  •   7-8 week
  •   10-15 week
378 голосов

Which soil order derived from volcanic ejecta and dominated by allophane or Al-humic complexes? Online Agriculture
  •   Histosols
  •   Andisols
  •   Ultisols
  •   Alfisols
338 голосов

Wind blown materials, comprised primarily of silt with some fine sand and clay, are called Online Agriculture
  •   Eolian
  •   Loess
  •   Moraine
  •   Alluvial
343 голосов

Pusa sadabhar, pusa Mausmi and Pusa Naubahar are the improved varieties of Online Agriculture
  •   Oat
  •   Berseem
  •   Lucerne
  •   Guar
384 голосов

Rambler, NDRI selection No. 1 and Moopa are the varieties of Online Agriculture
  •   Oat
  •   Berseem
  •   Lucerne
  •   Guar
381 голосов

Agriculture Education Day | 3 December

The bushy appearance with dead heart in sugarcane at 6th inter-node is due to Online Agriculture
  •   Excess irrigation
  •   Top borer
  •   Excess nitrogen
  •   Mealy bug
481 голосов

The phenomenon of linkage was first observed by Online Agriculture
  •   Bateson and punnet
  •   Morgan
  •   Hugo de Vries
  •   Mendel
456 голосов

In wheat and rice the genetic purity of a variety can deteriorate due to Online agriculture
  •   Inbreeding
  •   Delayed segregation
  •   Mechanical contamination with seeds of other varieties
  •   Due to (a) and (b) both
419 голосов

Kasmir beauty and Golden heart are the varieties of Online Agriculture
  •   Radish
  •   Carrot
  •   Turnip
  •   Beet root
449 голосов

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