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Гео и язык канала
Индия, Английский
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💎10 Practical CSS Tricks every developer should know


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Spacekit is an open-source JavaScript library for creating interactive 3D space visualizations - whether of the Earth/moon system, solar system, or beyond.


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JavaScript's New Array Grouping Methods

A look at Object.groupBy and Map.groupBy. The proposal including these methods is currently at stage 3 at TC39, but initial support is creeping into dev builds of browsers. - https://philna.sh/blog/2023/09/14/javascript-array-grouping-methods/


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FullCalendar - full-sized drag & drop event calendar in JavaScript


Next.js 14 Released

🌟 https://nextjs.org/blog/next-14


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Node js vs php which one is best? And why?
  •   Node js🌟
  •   Php🌟
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