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AFO , ADA, ADO, NABARD grade A, sugarcane officer , Technical assistant ,RHEO,RAEO, SADO,IFFCO,NSC, and other agriculture exam.

Kanal geosi va tili
Hindiston, Hindcha
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Upcatet -2023

General Agriculture
✅National Bureau of soil survey and land use planning is located at? Nagpur                                           
✅Groundwater table is measured by? Piezometer​                                   
✅ The most deficient micro-nutrient in Indian soil is? Zn                                

✅Pheromone trap attracts? Male Moths
                                                             ✅“MANAGE” is located at? Hyderabad
✅Boron deficiency is mostly to dominant in which region of India? Northwest region                            

✅Which organisation related to export of Agricultural processed product is? APEDA                    
✅Hatch and slack pathway is found in?  Maize                                               
✅The crop which is known as camel crop? Jowar

✅The group of soil which is having highest infiltration rate? Aridisol

✅Beaufort scale is used for? Wind pressure

✅Milk is deficient in? Iron

✅Sour taste of milk is due to conversion of lactose to? Lactic acid

✅ Age of plants is determined by?
Annual rings

✅ Foot and mouth disease is caused by? Virus

✅ The avian breed known for fighting Sports is? Aseel

✅Mendel conducted his research on the plant called? Garden pea      
✅Which is a beneficial element for rice? Silicon                                  

✅VAM’ increases the uptake of which nutrient? Phosphorus                           
✅The vertical section of soil with different layers is known as? Soil profile

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Physiological Disorder


1)Internal Brown Spot - Moisture deficiency

2) Greening - Excessive exposure to Sundays

3)Black Heart - Poor ventilation

4)Hallow Heart - Excessive Nitrogen

5) Chilling Injury - Low temperature

6) Freezing Injury - Low temperature

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