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Proposal passed 99.39% votes to burn TerraUSD (UST) 1.3billion supply which is around 11% of total supply 🔥🔥

STEPN ban in China

Binance and other exchanges will distribute LUNA airdrop users according to revival plan

BTC Analysis :

1. Finally got sweep of lows and nPoC around 28.5k and price went a little dip and immediately got up indicating strength here.
2. Up 5% unleveraged from lows here and could easily go towards range highs around 30500-31 k
3. If it gets above 31k and closes can target much higher towards 34k.
4. For now trade the range and make sure to book profits and move your stops.

Ethereum max pain price $2,500, ~$1.1 billion notional value, put/call ratio 1.06

BTC is still ranging in same zone but ETH is breaking down due to BTC Dominance rising already reached 46% and could go upto 48%. Alts are taking good hit due to Eth weakening so better stay safe from any bad positions 🚨🚨

Proposal Passed

LUNA 2.0 will launch on 27th May,2022

This Friday 8 AM UTC, 58K $BTC are set to expire on Deribit with a notional value of $1.73 billion.

Max pain price $34,000

Elon Musk says crypto will benefit and empower people, increasing the power of individuals over governments.

Monthly Return profile for Bitcoin has been underwhelming, with a negative performance of -30%. In effect, Bitcoin has lost 1% of its market value every day over the last month.
This negative return is now marginally worse than it was during the 4-Dec deleveraging, but not quite as severe as in May-July.

South Korean Police seeks Freeze on LUNA Foundation Guard(LFG) assets.

Terra Name Service(TNS) is migrating .ust domain to Terra 2.0.

Complete before 31May otherwise your domain will not be migrated.

BTC Update :

1. Up 6% on this scalp long without leverage with 10x leverage 60%+ profit
2. Again price bounced before taking the lows and front run nPoC around 28500
3. Now important area to watch will be 31.2k if it flips into support can easily long target till 34k and above.
4. Weekly also closed for 8th consecutive red candle.
5. This week can be some relief before more down.
Make sure to book profits and move your stops in profit.

Exchanges also participating in LUNA Burn.

Once vote hits 50% MEXC Exhange will use spot trading fees of LUNA/USDT to buy LUNA from secondary market and burn them. 🔥🔥

Regulations are getting tightened after LUNA incident.

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