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Partnerships: partnerships@holdwallet.app
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Hold Wallet get verified on CMC!
Listing date and list of exchange will be announced soon!
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How many task have you completed?
Ready to open the chest??
Complete now before too late

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📢 Get Ready for the @thepiggies Chest Boom Event! 📢

We're excited to announce the details for the upcoming @thepiggiesi Chest Boom event on HoldWallet, featuring amazing rewards!

Number of Chests with BNB:

1 chest containing $500
3 chests containing $250
10 chests containing $100
20 chests containing $50
30 chests containing $20
50 chests containing $10
100 chests containing $5
300 chests containing $2
500 chests containing $1
2,000 chests containing $0.50
Additional Rewards:

Chests with DMH ranging from 5 DMH
Important Details:

Fee for opening a chest: 1 DMH
Special Benefit for NFT Holders: Users with an NFT can open chests for free

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to participate in this exciting event! 🎉

The Piggies social:
Announcement |💬 Chat | 🐦 Twitter | Website

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🚀 Exciting Partnership Announcement! 🚀

We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with @thepiggies

🎉 To cel
ebrate, The Piggies will be hosting a Chest Boom event on HoldWallet with $5000 in BNB. Details about this exciting event will be announced soon. Stay tuned!


Introducing $PIGGIES

$PIGGIES is an exciting new project aiming to revolutionize the gaming and crypto world with its unique approach. Built on the principles of community engagement and innovation, $PIGGIES offers a platform where players can engage in fun mini-games while earning tokens that hold real-world value. Our mission is to create a vibrant ecosystem where everyone can play, earn, and grow together.

Presale Details

- Presale Structure:
$PIGGIES will launch its presale in multiple rounds, each offering a bonus to early participants. Rounds will last up to 72 hours or until all tokens are sold.

- Bonus Structure:
- Round 1: 50% bonus
- Round 2: 30% bonus
- Round 3: 20% bonus
- Round 4: 15% bonus
- Round 5: 10% bonus
- Round 6: 5% bonus


- Total Supply: 100 billion $PIGGIES tokens
- Distribution:
- Presale: 35%
- Liquidity: 25%
- Early Contributor: 5%
- Game Ecosystem: 25%
- Marketing & Development: 10%

$PIGGIES aims to establish itself as a leader in the gaming and crypto space by providing innovative gameplay mechanics and rewarding community participation. Join us on this journey to redefine gaming and crypto integration!

More info at: https://thepiggies.vip/

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New Chest Boom Event is coming.
Are you ready to open the chest?

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Monthly Referral Contest Winners! 🎉
Dear Hold Wallet users,

We are excited to announce the winners of our Monthly Referral Contest! Congratulations to all the participants. Here are the top winners:

🏆 Prizes:
0x1777471D67b6c93A882338031A651080317B1DFd $150
0x900f6060ad94c55545f3665DEc19a5CBBA8e72A8 $100
0xB2AD97BF3B12dba13014eC442D4852626EdC6685 $75
0x4DA9d97D91d808Faed74276D4BD321728C6F6966 $50
0x03d2Cb730450ba52B59cc0525bf99f38cFE7ef2f $35
0xb3A2D00aa600729AF6BCB39Ba78a8c7F5481048a $25
0x2D0A224f89a425D5D437DBd48626AD28E30Da509 $20
0x7eC209aCa68146870820B3Ed9b3fD20ECd5aB04A $15
0x8e931d65dc8F9874Fd4059c2Fbf086AE5110E585 $10
0x40C792Ce6C0c58C49e08a55c927fBB4f9D017Be1 $10
0x31146CB5f50aaad4a2f74fED94CDEaD37C162C5c $5
0x5a1606aa1FB8f87b4Dd1c3c564df6d7F2D5FdF6b $5
0x0EdEC76C73fa42d4cd4EFA2B233B8D05A3CDC65F $5
0xd3da821e59e2EbA7ED8B4d28e0500E2fB4f2d4B1 $5
0xdDE07f22b6155874737BE34Ac828204Ddc97C842 $5
0xB9BD9Beaa6eeAe4EDfB71d6271F9974CbD83c201 $5
0x0a875ED548109E326fA5514FC00b3551b84750f4 $5
0xb08BC8672E40e4B71E58f1e4b6f864b972195E38 $5
0x2A359C7C2bB9D36F4F1B6CDd511cCA38C784F115 $5
0x690A6F4c850FD3E53796Ad1e8a989655F08480c5 $5

Reward distribute tx: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x5a5a1ea8de255cc73610eaddbd786944f654ab719993243253a5929028fe924f

140.5k 0 23 96 488

Weekly Referral Contest Winners! 🎉
Dear Hold Wallet users,

We are excited to announce the winners of our Weekly Referral Contest! Congratulations to all the participants. Here are the top winners:

🏆 Prizes:

0x1777471D67b6c93A882338031A651080317B1DFd $30
0x900f6060ad94c55545f3665DEc19a5CBBA8e72A8 $20
0x4DA9d97D91d808Faed74276D4BD321728C6F6966 $15
0x03d2Cb730450ba52B59cc0525bf99f38cFE7ef2f $10
0xB2AD97BF3B12dba13014eC442D4852626EdC668 $7
0xb3A2D00aa600729AF6BCB39Ba78a8c7F5481048a $5
0x8e931d65dc8F9874Fd4059c2Fbf086AE5110E585 $4
0x40C792Ce6C0c58C49e08a55c927fBB4f9D017Be1 $3
0x2D0A224f89a425D5D437DBd48626AD28E30Da509 $2
0x31146CB5f50aaad4a2f74fED94CDEaD37C162C5c $2
0x0EdEC76C73fa42d4cd4EFA2B233B8D05A3CDC65F $1
0xdDE07f22b6155874737BE34Ac828204Ddc97C842 $1
0xB9BD9Beaa6eeAe4EDfB71d6271F9974CbD83c201 $1
0xb08BC8672E40e4B71E58f1e4b6f864b972195E38 $1
0x5a1606aa1FB8f87b4Dd1c3c564df6d7F2D5FdF6b $1
0xBD44C556448e4D53DF7d29244b758de5E87fD2fC $1
0xB7860D2B54aBb48C5d6A774Eb23Ba1b5f89787D8 $1
0x690A6F4c850FD3E53796Ad1e8a989655F08480c5 $1
0x0a875ED548109E326fA5514FC00b3551b84750f4 $1
0x3D1a4cA8D9d004cfA064160401420E963d4392B7 $1

We're on checking monthly and weekly contest and sending out reward today.

188.1k 0 16 284 1.1k

New Mission Alert! 🚀
Dear Hold Wallet users,
We have new missions for you! Complete the latest tasks from our partners and earn $DMH rewards. Stay active and keep boosting your earnings!

275.6k 0 84 184 1.4k

6 days until Monthly referral contest end. Where are you now?

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Weekly Referral Contest Winners! 🎉
Dear Hold Wallet users,

We are excited to announce the winners of our Weekly Referral Contest! Congratulations to all the participants. Here are the top winners:

🏆 Prizes:

0x7eC209aCa68146870820B3Ed9b3fD20ECd5aB04A - 829 referrals - $30
0xB2AD97BF3B12dba13014eC442D4852626EdC6685 - 727 referrals - $20
0x2a876F66c89851c6cF78DCEc8A08594EDb03F1bD - 692 referrals - $15
0x40c7dA416426788D81250C8D96824a0ba386B469 - 525 referrals - $10
0xd3da821e59e2EbA7ED8B4d28e0500E2fB4f2d4B1 - 481 referrals - $7
0x5a1606aa1FB8f87b4Dd1c3c564df6d7F2D5FdF6b - 426 referrals - $5
0x2A359C7C2bB9D36F4F1B6CDd511cCA38C784F115 - 170 referrals - $4
0x67cFE3603125e180F88f96149CE34f449b4B5eEC - 162 referrals - $3
0x75cA0C3EaD627164FfA6E487BD063a0316e999ce - 153 referrals - $2
0x9643D37770cBF92a082C6febE958Dd6A902CDcB8 - 146 referrals - $2
0x98b46DB3DbC404eA31c8801699FBB32B3DCcD96d - 117 referrals - $1
0x600Fcf086F0564B20cDf28ecd7435770dFEdcbDC - $1
0x681Bbe2cfDCB1229A1F8b841CF9CdAA82E352f07 - $1
0x0BDc9b41433627f6746b35a91032bc6b3BA80079 - $1
0x859effD3956a77C48ceCBf707171b0E94B4ACF66 - $1
0x198b97C3fdC66279F93DB62254C360Fcfe94a2e1 - $1
0xE2D76ECD7A3dae6F8ccf18fbE90f0A8a50ce70f8 - $1
0xa4caE9ad4Bc596F0d5B7e2F9421FD2e0dCc4CB38 - $1
0x690A6F4c850FD3E53796Ad1e8a989655F08480c5 - $1
0x0409a17F7887bEF099FB5b79c7BCCCdb07798BDd - 78 referrals - $1

Thank you all for participating! Keep up the great work and stay tuned for more exciting events.

Reward distribution transaction: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xc281bd8f58be0ed1f783eaf588fe448a8c518ef184915b6c6f31ab0e267e5fd6

471.9k 1 66 108 872

Check if you're in the winning list!

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Exciting News!

Dear Hold Wallet users,

We are thrilled to announce that we will soon be drawing the winner for our $5000 event!

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to see if you're the lucky winner!


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Exciting Update Coming Soon!

Dear Hold Wallet users,

In our next update, you'll be able to stake your NFT for BNB rewards!

Details about the rewards will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

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Where are you in the leaderboard?
Check and post your screenshot!

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📢 Announcement: Weekly and Monthly Referral Contest Has Just Started!

Hey HoldWallet Family! 🌟

We are thrilled to announce that our Weekly and Monthly Referral Contest has just kicked off! 🥳 Now’s your chance to check the leaderboard and see if you’re among the top 20 referrers to win amazing rewards from our team! 🚀

🏆 Weekly Prizes:
1. 1st Place: $30
2. 2nd Place: $20
3. 3rd Place: $15
4. 4th Place: $10
5. 5th Place: $7
6. 6th Place: $5
7. 7th Place: $4
8. 8th Place: $3
9. 9th Place: $2
10. 10th Place: $2
11. 11th - 20th Place: $1 each

🌟 Monthly Prizes:
The monthly prizes are 5x the weekly prizes!

How to Participate:
1. Invite your friends to join HoldWallet using your referral link.
2. Check the leaderboard regularly to see your ranking.
3. Keep referring to climb higher on the leaderboard.

Don’t miss out on your chance to earn big! Start referring now and aim for the top! 🥇

Thank you for being a part of our community and good luck! 🍀

Warm regards,

📢 Announcement: Chest Boom Event DMH Refund List!

Hey HoldWallet Family! 🌟

We’re excited to announce that the following users will receive a refund of 5 DMH for the fees they paid to open chests during the Chest Boom event! 🎉💰

Refund Recipients:


Note: Each user listed above will get back 5 DMH. If you believe you should be on this list but don’t see your address here, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

Thank you for participating in the Chest Boom event and for your continued support! Enjoy your refund and keep exploring the exciting world of HoldWallet! 🚀💎

Warm regards,
The HoldWallet Team

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📢 Announcement: Chest Boom Event DMH Refund!

Hey HoldWallet Family! 🌟

We have some great news for all our creative users who made videos or short clips about the Chest Boom event! 🎥🎉

If you created and shared a short video about the Chest Boom event, you are eligible for a DMH refund! 💰✨

To ensure you get your refund:
1. Fill out the Submission Form: If you haven’t submitted your video yet, please do so now.
2. Submit Again if Needed: If you’ve already submitted but haven’t received your refund, please submit your details again using the form below.

🔗 Submit Your Video Here

We appreciate your support and creativity! Let’s keep the momentum going and continue to share the excitement of the Chest Boom event with everyone! 🚀💎

Thank you for being a part of our amazing community!

Good luck! 🍀

Warm regards,
The HoldWallet Team

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