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Get the Comfort of Audit!

All batches amended for Nov-24 Exams.

With mostly questions covered in Class itself.

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Let’s Learn with Fun ✅

Bass ek din aur!

Han ek din aur mil jaye bass.

This is what we mostly want one day before exams.

“Abhi toh bhaut time hai”

This is what we say today.

Time hi nahi, syllabus bhi bhaut hai.

Toh dost aaj shuru karenge,

Tabhi comfortably complete kar payenge!!

Woh ek din aaj hai.

That you need to utilise well.

Value each & everyday.

That will make you special 💙

Help you Clear the exams ✅

I know consistency is tough,

That’s why it has value 💯

Lage Raho Mitroooo!!

Many a times you may feel alone in this journey.

May even question what future holds for you?

You know what, that shows how concerned you are about your success.

You care about results.

But that’s all dependent on what we do today!!

So leave your worries.

Focus on what you can do now 🩵

If process is done right,

Results will always be in your favour 💯

Lage Raho Mitroooo!!


Let’s TARGET 80+ in the most scoring subject of CA FINAL🚀


Full Details of the Batch:

Live Batch Starts - 29th May, 2024

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Approach to Revisions?

Once you are done with classes it’s very important to revise it self.

If unable to recollect, then you may take help of revision videos.

Go through the notes.

Learn and recall the points.

Solve questions (mostly students skip this part)

It helps you filter questions for subsequent revisions.

Helping you concise it all for last 1.5 days.

3 revisions are very important to develop grip over any topic.

That helps you get comfortable with material.

Clearing CA isn’t a rocket science, simply requires consistent efforts.

Do that for yourself ❤️

Keep Going 💯

How to clear CA Exams in one go?

Simple Answer:

Prepare Well.

There’s a 3 step approach to comfortably clear the exams.

Today I shall be focusing on the first one!

Completing Classes/ 1st time Self Study Properly

Enrolling for classes is one thing & completing them properly is other.

Just ask yourself!

Do I pay full attention in the class?

Do I complete my H.W. Questions side by side?

It’s very normal to just switch on the class and wrap it up.

But if we follow the instructions properly, we can get the best returns of the money & time we invest.

After you’re done with a topic or chapter you should be in a position to teach it to your friends.

The next 2 steps in coming posts!!

Till then,

Happy Learning ✌️

Discipline matters!

No one can stay motivated all the time.

But that commitment to wake up.

To complete your targets.

To do it even if you don’t feel like.

That sets you apart.

When accumulated over time, helps you achieve what you want.

Keep going my friend 🩵

Happy Learning ✌️

Well done everyone!!

Kudos for giving your best till the last exam.

Just wish you the best for the journey ahead.

We can connect on LinkedIn & Instagram too.



May god bless you with the best of the results ✨

#LageRahoMitrooo 🩵

Good Morning!

Last exam time 😃

This exam isn’t a test of your knowledge.

Rather your presence of mind.

Just approach it with full confidence.

Seeing so many books around you, it’s very normal to panic little bit.

Stay cool & calm 🩵

Sab makhan ho jaaayegaa ✅

Chak de phatte 🙌

All the best Mitrooooo!!

Being a new paper, no one knows how you need to deal with it.

Especially when u have just 1.5 days 😅

I’d suggest to practice as much as possible.

So that you know how to coordinate with books during the exam time.

I’ve shared how you should approach your next 1.5 days for IBS in above video.

Hope it’s helpful 🙌

IBS kaise Karein? | CA Final Exams | CA Shubham Keswani (AIR 8)

IDT Last Minute Tips!

1. Q1 that has many adjustments should be done later on.

Even if some of your adjustments go wrong, you can still score good marks due to step wise marking.

2. Working notes carry marks.

So everything should be supported by provisions you used.

3. MCQs can be the game changer.

If you’re conceptually sound, then doesn’t matter how hard or easy they are, you can easily get 10+ MCQs right.

Follow the same policy:

Best 3 descriptive questions first (1.5 hrs)

Then MCQs (30-45 mins)

Remaining 2 questions.

This paper will be very scoring.

Just read the questions carefully & interpret with an open mind.

Pro Tip: RTP Nov-23 ke adjustments dekhke jaana.

All the best 👍

Репост из: Bhanwar Borana (BB)- Direct Tax

DT mein dhoom macha denaaa 👍

Lage Rahooo 🩵


My Analysis of Today’s Audit Paper!

Yes it was on Above Average/Tough side.

For a student focusing on very selective coverage little tough to crack.

But if you did holistic coverage in last 3 days.

It was manageable to score 50/60s comfortably.

More of a test of eliminating new tricky ques.

And choosing the questions that you know best.

Sharing a detailed analysis & discussion on Youtube.

For those giving Both Groups can watch after completing exams.

Wishing best for the results ahead 👍

How was the Audit paper?
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  •   Average
  •   Above Average
  •   Tough
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Good morning all!

Few tips for today’s exam.

1️⃣ How much to write?

Even 5 points in 1 page better than writing 2-3 pages mann se!!

Quality > Quantity

2️⃣ Paper Approach

Attempt 3 best descriptive Ques. first (1.5 hrs)

Then MCQs (30-45 mins)

Then remaining 2 Descriptive Questions.

I’m confident with this approach you’ll definitely clear the exam.

3️⃣ Be ready for surprises

Some descriptive questions & MCQs maybe based on concepts you haven’t even touched.

But you have to be smart.

Focus on the majority of paper that you have covered well.


To pass you just need 40.

For exemption you need 60+

Enough to be among the toppers.

Just stay cool & calm 💙

“Learn with Fun” approach will take care of you ✅

All the best 👍

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