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Free - CA Foundation 🔴 LIVE Classes 🔥
For JUNE 2024 & Onwards
EXAM DATE for JUNE 24 Attempt🚨
20th - Accounts
22nd - Business Law
24th - Maths
26th - Economics
Free - Classes + Pdf Notes + Papers + Task + Test Series
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Гео и язык канала
Индия, Английский
Курсы и гайды
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Solution of Today Test Paper -

BRS Account - I
Balance as per pass book cr. - 1,56,100

BRS Account - II
Balance as per pass book Dr. - 2,31,250

Overdraft as per cash book - 27,950


Only 1,400 Students Download the Test Paper till Now [ after 15 Minutes of Uploading ]
Whereas it was told in the Live Class that the paper would be deleted after 15 minutes✍️
Remember - Practice Make you Perfect 🔥
Paper Delete nahi kar rahe hai,
Enjoy the Laziness🚨

Dear CTCians❤️
Today Test Paper drafting completed🤩
All The Best for your Performance

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P&L Adjustment A/C CTC Classes

Dear CTCians❤️
#Topic - P&LAdjustment A/C
For concern Students ✍️

#Read before 🔴LIVE Class

1 Day 1 Chapter🔥
Session 🔴LIVE @11:15Am
#MUST Read before LIVE Class

Today Session Schedule ,
Mark your Presence & Set Notify On✍️

Ready for 🔥
Amended Cash Book in BRS,
Mark your Presence 👍 and after that Ready your Module✍️

#Share With Your Classmates & Help Other’s ✍️

First Session Schedule ,
Mark your Presence & Set Notify On✍️

#SURPRISE For you CA Foundation June 24 Students’s
Mark your Presence👍 & Set Notify on🔥

How many of you have Filled the June 2024 #EXAMFORM ?, and are Ready to Work Hard to make this June 2024 Exam your Last Attempt ? Repeater’s बनने के बाद यदि आप 300 Number से कमके लिए ग़ोल सेट कर रहे है , तो क्या कर रहे है ? #CAFoundationJune24 #CTCClasses
  •   Yes Sir, Ready for Hard Work
  •   Not Yet , Actually Confused
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Dear Aspirant’s ❤️
Soon your Classes will be resumed with the same energy and for Minimum 300 marks🔥
Make up your mind to Work Hard with Commitment,
we are with you CTCians🙌

CA Foundation June 2024 Students

Dear Aspirants, Please let us know by Voting in the Poll✍️ Which ATTEMPT is this for you❓ As a CA Foundation Student's in June 2024 ATTEMPT ? #CAFoundationJune24 ENVIRONMENT Orientation For #FCASlot 🔥 #CTCClasses
  •   Repeater’s [ 2nd, 3rd or 4th Attempt ] 🔥
  •   Freshers [ Ist Attempt ] ✍️
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Dear CTCians ❤
#CAFoundationJUNE 2024
There is Tremendous Planning going on for You ( Pride Of CTC Classes )
Just some more Time.
( Your 🔴 LIVE Class Will be schedule Soon ✍ )
#JUNE2024 Classes will be Extreme NEW and Many more Different Level🔥
माहोल बनाना है 🔥

Dear CTCians❤️
FCA Slot 1 is Not opening today,
keep working Hard🔥
It will be opened soon considering your commitment.
DCD is Required from your Side🔥
Tension na Lena Focus on your Studies ✍️

L - 5 Application Part of The Negotiable Instrument Act 1881🔥
Mark your Presence 👍
& Set Notify on.
Read through the ICAI Module once before coming to LIVE Class.
Today's Class is going to be a lot of Knowledge based on Application & New Things✍️
Class Timing @2:00pm

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