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What were the reasonS behind separating Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State policy? Also Mention why Article 50 is mentioned in DPSP

Hint: Constituent Assembly debates crux to be read


This Court has repeatedly held that the independence of the judiciary is part of the basic structure of the Constitution (S.P. Gupta v. UOI, 1981) However, the pronouncements of the Court have been in the context of the High Court and the Supreme Court and not in the context of the District Judiciary, It is thus important to recognize that the District Judiciary is a vital part of the independent judicial system, which is, in turn, part of the Basic Structure of the Constitution.

Separation of powers demands that the officers of the Judiciary be treated separately and distinct from the staff of the legislative and executive wings. It must be remembered the judges are not employees of the State but are holders of public office who wield sovereign judicial power. In that sense, they are only comparable to members of the legislature and ministers in the executive. Parity, thus, cannot be claimed between staff of the legislative wing and executive wing with officers of the judicial wing. This Court in All India Judges' Assn. (II) v. Union of India, 1993 explained the distinction and held that those who exercise the State power are the Ministers, the Legislators and the Judges, and not the members of their staff who implement or assist in implementing their decisions.

Judicial Independence and Access to Justice Ensures Implementation of Part III of the Constitution

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Independence of the District Judiciary part of Basic Structure was held in ________.
  •   Madras Bar Association v. Union of India & Anr, 2021
  •   Supreme Court Advocates-on-Record Assn. v. Union of India (2016)
  •   All India Judge's association v. UOI, 2023
  •   L Chandra Kumar v. UOI, 1997
  •   Indira Gandhi vs Raj Narain Case, 1975
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Most Important Elements of the Constitution.

Why??? Mention

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For those who believe in western backing of thoughts -
The object of education is to turn the eye which the soul already possesses to the light. The whole function of education is not to put knowledge into the soul, but to bring out the best things that are latent in the soul, and to do so by directing it to the right objects. The problem of education then, is to give it the right surroundings.

~Plato's Republic Book VII, 518
(Plato to MPHC 🙂)

This Ram Navami, light the inner light! Get rid of all the worries, and bring yourself in the present moment; be content and happy and leave the grudges from the past. Spread smiles, spread love! Let happiness be widespread and unlimited.



The Committee is headed by the Cabinet Secretary and comprises the Secretaries of the Department of Home, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Legislative Department and the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment.


Centre Forms Committee To Examine Issues Of Queer Community As Per SC Judgment In Same-Sex Marriage Case


📝🗒️ Facing Difficulty in Note making??

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😌 Solution is Legal Cornell Note Making--

👉 1. Use the bigger right portion for Lecture notes, write eg. Flowcharts and connecting provisions.

👈 2. Use left portion for key words of sections any major landmark case only crisp points.

👇 3. Use bottom portion for later addition in omyour notes.
For eg. - You took class you wrote in right portion you revised your lecture and notes you jot down points in left portion, now you have no space left but you came up with new information very much relevant for that topic then mention that in the bottom (recent cases, extra information from documents or online material)

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Cornell Note Making

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