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इतने अच्छे लूट ऑफर देखें क्या कभी ? 🤑🤑 मौका मत छोड़ो जल्दी से ज्वाइन करो बिना देरी किए 🫵 जल्दी ही यह ग्रुप प्राइवेट किया जा रहा है 🏃‍♂🏃‍♂🏃‍♂🏃‍♂






📌 Very capable – accomplished
📌 Very clean – spotless
📌 Very clever – brilliant
📌 Very cold – freezing
📌 Very dirty – squalid
📌 Very dry – parched
📌 Very fast – swift
📌 Very good – superb
📌 Very happy – jubilant
📌 Very hot – scalding
📌 Very hungry – ravenous
📌 Very large – colossal
📌 Very light – imponderable
📌 Very high – sky-high
📌 Very neat – immaculate
📌 Very old – ancient
📌 Very poor – destitute
📌 Very quiet – silent
📌 Very rude – vulgar
📌 Very serious – solemn
📌 Very small – tiny
📌 Very strong – unyielding
📌 Very tasty – delicious
📌 Very tired – exhausted
📌 Very valuable – precious
📌 Very weak – feeble
📌 Very wet – soaked
📌 Very wicked – villainous
📌 Very wise – sagacious
📌 Very worried – anxious
📌 Very dangerous – malignant
📌 Very complex – overspecified
📌 Very frequent – continual

सभी स्टूडेंट जल्दी से लाइव आओ, धमाकेदार सेशन है 🥳🥳🥳

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(1) Fancy price- At any cost/ At demand price

(2) Feather in the cap- Additional success

(3) Feather one's nest- To enrich oneself by taking advantage of one's position

(4) Fighty shy of- To attempt to avoid a thing or person

(5) Fish in troubled waters- To take advantage of the problems of others

(6) Fish out of water- Out of one's usual and comfortable place

(7) Fly in the ointment- A slight unpleasant thing that obstruct the enjoyment of something

(8) Fool's paradise- A state of being happy for foolish or unfounded reasons

(9) Forty winks- A nap

(10) French leave- A leave without information or permission

(11) Fringe benifits- An additional benifit apart from salary

(12) From hand to mouth- Providing only bare essentials

(13) Gala day- Celebration day

(14) Get away with- To escape

(15) Get down to- To attend to work seriously

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Ad करके शुरुआत होने वाला यदि इस प्रकार का कोई मैसेज दिखे तो ये टेलीग्राम द्वारा शुरू किया गया एक एडवर्टिजमेंट है ऐसी भ्रामक एड पर  क्लिक न करे ...हमारा इन विज्ञापनों पर कोई नियंत्रण नही है ।

1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ WORDS TO KNOW

Abandon - v. Forsake, leave, quit
Able – adj. capable, qualified, fit
Abolish – v. end, eliminate
Abrupt – adj. sudden, hasty, unexpected
Acclaim – v. applaud, praise, honor: n. praise, applause, honor
Acrid – adj. bitter, sharp, biting
Adapt – v. adjust, modify
Adept – adj. skillful, expert
Adhere – v. stick, cling
Admonish – v. warn caution, advise
Adorn – v. decorate, ornament
Advent – n. coming, arrival
Adverse – adj. hostile, negative, contrary
Affluent – adj. rich, wealthy, prosperous, well-to-do
Aggravate – v. (1)annoy, irritate (2)intensify, worsen
Aggregate – adj. entire, total, combined
Agile – adj. graceful, nimble, lively
Ailment – n. sickness, illness, disease
Allot, allocate – v. divide, distribute
Amazing – adj. astonishing, astounding, surprising, startling
Amicable – adj. agreeable, congenial, pleasant
Anticipate – v. foresee, expect, predict
Anxious – adj. (1) worried, nervous, apprehensive, (2) eager, avid
Appraise – v. evaluate, estimate, assess
Apt - adj. (1) appropriate, suitable, correct, relevant, proper (2) likely, prone
Arduous – adj. difficult, strenuous, exhausting
Arid – adj. dry, barren
Aroma – n. fragrance, smell, odor, scent
Artificial – adj. synthetic, man-made
Astonishing – adj. surprising, amazing, astounding
Astute – adj. intelligent, clever, perceptive
Attain – v. accomplish, achieve
Augment – v. supplement, increase, strengthen, expand
Austere – adj. strict, harsh, severe, stern
Authentic – adj. genuine, true
Aversion – n. dislike, hostility, fear
Awkward – adj. clumsy
Baffle – v. confuse, puzzle, mystify
Balmy – adj. mild, warm
Ban – v. prohibit, forbid
Bar – v. prevent, obstruct, block
Barron – adj. sterile, unproductive, bleak, lifeless
Barter – v. trade, exchange
Beckon – v. summon, call, signal
Belligerent – adj. hostile, aggressive
Beneficial – adj. helpful, useful, advantageous
Benevolent – adj. benign, kind, compassionate
Bias – n. prejudice
Blanched – adj. whitened, bleached, pale
Bland – adj. mild, tasteless, dull
Blatant – adj. flagrant, obvious, overt
Blend – v. mix, mingle, combine; n. mixture, combination
Bloom – v. blossom, flower, flourish
Blunder – v. make a mistake; n. error, mistake
Blunt – adj. (1) unsharpened, dull. (2) rude, abrupt, curt
Blurry – adj. unfocused, unclear, indistinct
Bold – adj. brave, courageous
Bolster – v. support, sustain, boost, buttress
Bond – v. join, connect; n. tie, link, connection
Boom – v. expand, prosper; n. expansion, prosperity, growth
Brace – v. support, reinforce – подкрепить, усиливать
Brilliant – adj. (1) bright. shiny, radiant, dazzling (2) talented, gifted, intelligent
Brisk – adj. (1) lively, quick, vigorous; (2) cool, chilly, invigorating

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📌Useful phrases for Speaking part IELTS:

☑️How to start:
I definitely think...
I guess...
I suppose...
I suspect...
I firmly believe...
I recon...
I admit...
I'm convinced that...
In my humble opinion...
If you ask me...
Um, honestly...

Another reason is...
In addition...
...as well as...

Such as...
Yet, another example of this is...
For instance...
What I mean is...
What I want to say is...

In comparison

☑️Introducing other people's opinion:
Some people say that...
According to some...
It's believed that...

As a result
Not only because of that...but also...


🔹 amorphous - having no definite form or distinct shape
🔹 ample - more than enough in size or scope or capacity
🔹 anachronism - locating something at a time when it couldn't have existed
🔹 analogous - similar or equivalent in some respects
🔹 anecdote - short account of an incident
🔹 animosity - a feeling of ill will arousing active hostility
🔹 annihilate - kill in large numbers
🔹 anomaly - deviation from the normal or common order or form or rule
🔹 anonymous - having no known name or identity or known source
🔹 antagonism - an actively expressed feeling of dislike and hostility
🔹 antecedent - someone from whom you are descended
🔹 anthropomorphic - suggesting human features for animals or inanimate things
🔹 anticipate - be excited or anxious about
🔹 antipathy - a feeling of intense dislike
🔹 antithetical - sharply contrasted in character or purpose
🔹 apathy - an absence of emotion or enthusiasm
🔹 aptitude - inherent ability
🔹 arbitrary - based on or subject to individual discretion or preference
🔹 arcane - requiring secret or mysterious knowledge
🔹 archaic - so extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period
🔹 varchetype - something that serves as a model
🔹 ardent - characterized by intense emotion
🔹 arduous - characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion
🔹 aristocratic - belonging to or characteristic of the nobility
🔹 artifice - a deceptive maneuver, especially to avoid capture
🔹 ascetic - characteristic of the practice of rigorous self-discipline
🔹 aspire - have an ambitious plan or a lofty goal
🔹 assimilation - the process of absorbing one cultural group into another
🔹 assuage - provide physical relief, as from pain
🔹 atone - make amends for
🔹 attest - provide evidence for
🔹 attire - clothing of a distinctive style or for a particular occasion
🔹 attribute - a quality belonging to or characteristic of an entity
🔹 attribution - assigning to a cause or source
🔹 audacious - disposed to venture or take risks
🔹 audible - heard or perceptible by the ear
🔹 augment - enlarge or increase
🔹 augur - predict from an omen
🔹 augury - an event indicating important things to come
🔹 auspicious - indicating favorable circumstances and good luck
🔹 austere - severely simple
🔹 authentic - conforming to fact and therefore worthy of belief
🔹 authoritarian - characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule
🔹 authoritative - of recognized power or excellence
🔹 avarice - reprehensible acquisitiveness; insatiable desire for wealth
🔹 avenge - take action in return for a perceived wrong
🔹 aversion - a feeling of intense dislike
🔹 avid - marked by active interest and enthusiasm
🔹 avuncular - resembling an uncle in kindness or indulgence
🔹 awe - an overwhelming feeling of wonder or admiration

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●Being unable to pay one's debt

●The study of the functions of the body

●The science of foretelling events by stars

●Government by officials in a state

●An office without any work but high pay

● Medicine to counteract the effect of a poison

●An admirer of art

●A man having the qualities of women

●That which cannot be moved

●The study of insects

●Word for word

●Wish to do good to others

●Whose meaning is difficult to understand

●Way out for water or steam

●Want of sleep

●Usual behaviour of a social group

●Use of mild words in place of words required by truth

●Troops trained for  dropped by parachute

●Touch or stroke lovingly
=Fondle / caress

●A traditional story related to deities

●That which is pig like

●Thing to be corrected in a printed book

●Things taken by robbers

●That which is lion like

●That which is fox like

●That which is dog like

●That which exists separately from other people

●That which cannot be perceived by touch
= Intangible

●That which cannot be calculated

●That which can be rooted out

●Study of the development of plants and animals from earlier forms

●Study of the oceans and their phenomena

●Study of law

●Study of fossils

●The study of ancient things like tombs, buried towns

●Strong desire for food , wealth

●Strong feeling of dislike
= Antipathy

●Stream flowing into another big river

●Stealing from the writings of others

●Statement that is obviously true

●That which can be easily believed

50 golden preposition for exams

approve - of
Conform-  to
Guilty - of
Atone - for
Avail - of
Chance - of
Refrain-  from
Born-  in
Indifferent - to
Siphoned - off
Reconcile - to
Compliment -  on
Satisfied - with
Wait - for(person)
Liable -to(authority)
Commensurate - with
Bear - with
Beware - of
Exempt - from
Trust - in (person)
Digress - from
Subsist - on
Congratulation - on
Fond - of
Fondness - for
Prevent - from
Endow - with
Marry - to
Assure - of
Assent - to
Submit - to
Insist - on
Annoyed - at(something), with(someone)
Angry - at(something), with(someone)
Agree - to(proposal,plan), with (someone)
Get rid - of
Disappointed - with
Grateful - to
Between -For two person
Among  - three or more person
Surprised - at
Married - to
Teeming - with
Averse - to
Addicted - to
Ignorant - of
Contemporary - of
Died - of (disease), from(some cause), for(purpose)
Dispense - with
Desire- for
Desirous - of
Arrive - at time
A lot-  of
Beset- with


1. Audience – a number of people listening to a lecture.
2. Altruist – one, who considers the happiness and well-being of others first
3. Atheist – a person who does not believe in God
4. Anthropologist – one, who studies the evolution of mankind
5. Autocracy – government by one person
6. Autobiography – the life history of a person written by himself
7. Amputate – to cut off a part of a person’s body which is infected
8. Arsenal – a place for ammunition and weapons
9. Archives – a place where government or public records are kept
10. Amateur – a man who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession
11. Aristocracy – government by the nobles
12. Aquatic – animals/plants ere which live in water
13. Amphibian – animals which live both on land and sea
14. Ambidexter – one, who can use either hand with ease
15. Alimony – allowance paid to wife on legal separation
16. Anthology – a collection of poems
17. Abdication – voluntary giving up of the throne in favor of someone
18. Arbitrator – a person, appointed by two parties to solve a dispute
19. Astronomer – a person, who studies stars, planets and other heavenly bodies
20. Astrologer – a person who studies the influence of heavenly bodies on human beings
21. Anthology – a collection of poems
22. Axiom – a statement which is accepted as true without proof
23. Agenda – a list of headings of the business to be transacted at a meeting
24. Anarchist – one, who is out to destroy all governance, law, and order
25. Almanac – an annual calendar with positions of stars
26. Bigamy – the practice of having two wives or husbands at a time
27. Bibliophile – a lover and collector of books
28. Bouquet – a collection of flowers
29. Bureaucracy – government by the officials
30. Belligerent – a person, nation that is involved in the war
31. Biennial – an event which happens once in two years
32. Blasphemy – the act of speaking disrespectfully about sacred things
33. Creche – a nursery where children are cared for while their parents are at work
34. Cosmopolitan – a person who regards the whole world as his country
35. Chauffeur – one, who is employed to drive a motor car
36. Curator – a person in charge of a museum
37. Carnivorous – one, who lives on flesh
38. Cannibal – one, who feeds on human flesh
39. Contemporaries – belonging to or living at the same time
40. Cloakroom – a place for luggage at the railway station
41. Cynosure – the centre of attraction
42. Connoisseur – a critical judge of any art and craft
43. Crusade – a religious war
44. Choreographer – one, who teaches dancing
45. Cacographist – a person, who is bad in spellings
46. Calligraphist – a person, who writes beautiful handwriting
47. Cynic – one, who sneers at the aims and beliefs of his fellow men
48. Convalescent – one, who is recovering health
49. Cavalry – soldiers, who fight on horseback
50. Cardiologist – a person, who is specialist in heart diseases
51. Cartographer – one, who draws maps
52. Dormitory – the sleeping rooms with several beds especially in a college or institution
53. Drawn – a game that results neither in victory nor in defeat
54. Elegy – a poem of lamentation
55. Epitaph – words which are inscribed on the grave or the tomb in the memory of the buried
56. Ephemeral – lasting one day
57. Effeminate – a person who is womanish
58. Emigrant – a person who leaves his own country and goes to live in another
59. Edible – fit to be eaten
60. Egotism – practice of talking too much about oneself
61. Encyclopedia – a book that contains information on various subjects
62. Epicure – one, who is devoted to the pleasure of eating and drinking
63. Florist – one, who deals in flowers
64. Fastidious – one, who is very -selective in one’s taste
65. Fanatic or Bigot – one, who is filled with excessive and mistaken enthusiasm in religious matters
66. Fatal – causing death
67. Fatalist – one, who believes in fate
68. Facsimile – an exact copy of handwriting, printing etc.

📌 Gonna ➡️ going to
I'm gonna talk to him.
We're gonna win this game.

📌 Gotta ➡️ got to ➡️ have to
I gotta go now. -> I have to go now.
You gotta be careful.

📌 Have gotta ➡️  have got to ➡️ have to
I've gotta go now. -> I have to go now.

📌 Wanna ➡️ want to
I wanna hold your hand.

📌 Lemme ➡️ let me
lemme ask you something.
lemme call you back.

📌 Gimme ➡️  give me
Gimme a break.
Gimme some money!

📌 Outta ➡️ out of
We'd better get outta here!
Get outta my way!

📌 Kinda ➡️ kind of
I think it's kinda funny.
Kinda outta luck.
What kinda music do you like?

📌 Imma ➡️ I am going to
Imma talk to him.

📌 Hafta ➡️ have to, must
I hafta go now. I'll talk to you later.

📌 Oughta ➡️ ought to
It's too late. I oughta back home right now.

📌 Shoulda ➡️ should have
You shoulda done it.

📌 Dunno ➡️ don't know/doesn't know
I dunno what to say.

📌 Nope/Nah/Naa ➡️ No
Nope, I'm not going. I'll be here more.

📌 Betcha ➡️ bet you
I betcha this movie is a good one, lemme buy a ticket.

📌 Lotsa ➡️ lots of
There are lotsa chicks right there.

📌 Lotta ➡️ lot of
I saw a lotta courage out there, and a lotta hard work.

20 synonyms in English
1. Beautiful - Attractive
2. Happy - Joyful
3. Sad - Unhappy
4. Big - Large
5. Small - Little
6. Good - Excellent
7. Bad - Terrible
8. Smart - Intelligent
9. Funny - Hilarious
10. Brave - Courageous
11. Tired - Exhausted
12. Angry - Furious
13. Rich - Wealthy
14. Poor - Destitute
15. Fast - Quick
16. Slow - Languid
17. Bright - Radiant
18. Dark - Gloomy
19. Loud - Noisy
20. Quiet - Silent
I hope this helps a lot 🤗

15 Ways to say "You're Welcome!"

1. Of course

2. No problem

3. Don't mention it

4. It was nothing

5. By all means

6. No worries

7. That's OK

8. That's alright

9. My pleasure

10. You're welcome

11. You got it

12. Anytime

13. Not at all

14. I’m happy to help

15. The pleasure is all mine.

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