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Angel One is India's reputed FinTech company trusted by 2 Crore+ Indians. Get daily market updates, research and valuable insights on investments.

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💫 Market Metrics: Weekly Roundup
⭐ Sensex: 76,992.77 ⬆️
⭐ Nifty 50: 23,465.60 ⬆️
⭐ Nifty Bank: 50,002.00 ⬆️
⭐ Nifty Smallcap 100: 18,043.60 ⬆️
⭐ Nifty Midcap 100: 55,225.95 ⬆️

Market Performance Key Takeaways For The Week
🌟 The Nifty index climbed steadily, hitting new highs but saw sluggish intraday movements. It closed Friday with a 0.29% gain at 23,450, adding 0.75% for the week. The index remained in a tight 50-point range, suggesting bullish fatigue and a correction phase. The key range for the coming week is 23,200 - 23,600, with expectations of increased volatility.
🌟 Traders should monitor key levels closely and adjust trades accordingly. Buying on dips and booking profits at higher levels is advised. Mid-cap and small-cap sectors performed strongly, with traders focusing on thematic strategies benefiting from the upcoming union budget.
🌟 The BankNifty index had a lacklustre week, trading within a 600-point range and closing just above 50,000. The market showed indecision with narrow body candles in four out of five trading sessions. The index remains directionless, indicating a wait-and-watch approach.
🌟 BankNifty faces resistance at 50,000-50,500 and stronger resistance at 50,800. Immediate support is at 49,600-49,000, with major support at 48,700-48,200. Traders should remain cautious and responsive to broader market cues, focusing on capturing moves in individual stocks.
News Highlights For The Week
🌟 Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. has overtaken Tata Motors to become India's second most valued automaker with a market cap of ₹3.64 lakh crore, just behind Maruti Suzuki's ₹4.04 lakh crore. Its stock has surged 65% in 2024.
🌟 BSE's total market capitalisation has exceeded Hong Kong's, making it the fourth-largest equity market globally at $5.18 trillion. The US leads with $56.49 trillion, followed by China and Japan.
🌟 Le Travenues Technology Ltd., Ixigo's parent, secured the tenth spot in IPO subscriptions in 2024, reflecting strong investor interest in the travel-tech sector.
🌟 The upcoming Union Budget may include tax incentives for foreign-domiciled Indian startups relocating to GIFT City, aiming to make it a competitive global financial hub.
Sources: Angel One Research | CNBCTV18 | MoneyControl | NDTVProfit | MoneyControl
Date: June 14, 2024

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