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Trading isnt for weak hearts - Todays market 😂👆👇👆

Govt may need lot of money to satisfy states of Bihar & Andra pradesh ,Also the states going for election in 3-4 months like MH , Harayana ,jharkhand may also see spending before election , and the fake media spreading that tax slab will be hiked , but where money will come from no one talks about , which opens the scary question ,

Are we going to see LTCG Rate hike to 15-20% , Plus some taxes like on super rich etc .

Money has to come from somewhere, Stock market is an easy target for Govt to suck that fund

Next big event will be Next weeks Floor test and Speakers election . NDA Secondly Alliance seems to be in sticky ground IN maharashtra. Next big news may come from MH

Market stays in range

Watch now , like and share 👇👇

Watch now👇👇

European market melting down since 2 days , Indian market cant stay immune to evrything for long. Keep a watch

Usd above 105.1

Range bound continues premiums are dead , decayed , once range breaks ,its all will explode. Only question is no one can say when

We are heading to long weekend , monday is market closed

Watch now and share 👇👇

FED meet tonight

All the shorts which were trapped on tuesday crash are getting covered since 2 days , once thats over , long unwinding will start. Till then range bound

Range bound markets, wasting time , decaying premiums , direction clear only below todays low or above highs . else wait n watch

After Underperforming in Election before MH & Harayana Elections , Rural push will increase, Also Taxes may go up , LTCG Tax duration/Rate hike has been pending since 2 years , Thats what this Govt may look into

SPEAKER Election is litmus test Now

Less Demand ,Less Commitment to save Alliance 💥

Very Less demands from Nitish & Naidu babu smells weird - इनके मिजाज़ ऐसे कभी नहीं थे

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