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Hey! Join for Free yet best IIT JEE Notes, DPPs, Tips and Study With Me Sessions!

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Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since I was fully committed to YouTube. I've turned 23 yesterday and this is it - this is the time - I'm fully committing myself to YouTube this year. I would dedicate my time, spend whatever I have to make the best content that I've ever made.

I would love to build the best connection with you guys, and help you with whatever I can.

This year is for you!
Love you!

Long time no see!!!!

It’s actually been sometime 🤯❤️

Damn, been so long - How are you ?????

You guys have been a huge support yesterday. Thank you so much ❤️

The Editing Course - Last 24 Hours 🔥

76 Years of Independence ❤️

Happy Independence Day, Everyone! Let this day be a symbol of survival and strength. Let your dreams come true. All the best! ⚡️

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Chalo, here we go.
Starts at 7:30PM, don’t be late!

FREE for everyone. Use the code THARUN if they ask. I’ll try to make the class super useful - Don’t miss it.

Should I take a class today and help you out get some confidence for JEE mains? We’ll cover:

- Best way to attempt the paper
- Last min tips
- How to make less mistakes in exam
- How to become a beast in the exam

I’ll keep it shorts, 30 mins.

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For people giving JEE this time - Around 7 days are left for the final battle!

Don’t be scared, Don’t be tensed cuz trust me, everyone is scared. You aren’t alone. All you have to do is be calm and perform “your best”.

Remember! only you, I mean only you are your competition. If you perform better than your yesterday, you are the winner - you are the god. Keep up the grind ⚡️

All the best!

Does this kid look like me? 😭😳

Also, I’m back on Instagram:

I don’t know when I’ll get banned again, but until then you can text me over there ⚡️❤️

I don’t have much to say - Thanks ❤️

We’ll be 3 lakh people together in sometime. Not sure how much you’re connected, but you guys have genuinely changed my life for better. I didn’t realise sitting and making videos from a small hostel room can make such a difference. Thank you!

Heyyyyyyy, How are you???
Lemme keep it straight - I’ve been going through some shit and I’ve decided to take a break from social media for 50 days, but finally, I’m back.
Also, I’ve been working on this documentary during the break. This is my best video ever. See ya soon!

My IIT Placements Documentary - 2023

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