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Гео и язык канала
Индия, Английский
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Ye konsa server down hua hai jo Airplanes Banks band ho gaye hai

Learn New Skills FREE:

1. HTML ➝ http://freecodecamp.org

2. CSS ➝ http://css-tricks.com

3. JavaScript ➝ http://javascript30.com

4. React ➝ http://react-tutorial.app

5. Tailwind CSS ➝ http://scrimba.com

6. Vue ➝ http://vueschool.io

7. Python ➝ http://pythontutorial.net

8. SQL ➝ http://sqlbolt.com

9. Git and GitHub ➝ http://GitFluence.com

10. Blockchain ➝ http://Cryptozombies.io

11. Mongo DB ➝ http://mongodb.com

12. Node JS ➝ http://nodejsera.com

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He made a fucking Jarvis

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Check this guy on Instagram, I am sure he will blow your mind

Do you know Concept _bytes?

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How to use - YouTube.com

Will not work on mobile

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Sharab pite ho ?

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Ho gaya 🫃🫃

Please explain why it's not in center 😭😭

They are putting automatic Pani Puri / Gol Gappe stalls in Bengaluru

Any Pro JS user ?

Record ⏺ :-Jio Lost 6 lakhs Users
Airtel Lost 6 lakhs Users

BSnl Gain 74Lakh New Users 👥

Seas Horses are the only animals where Males get pregnant...

Imagine God made as us their some sort of AI project which learns and evolve overtime 🗿

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Hamster Kombat is facing a legal issue regarding the domain name.

The issue is not fully known yet, but the whois data directs to hold which is due to payment issue or legal issues, the domain is not Expired so this could potentially means legal issue. Could be copyright issues or trademark issues.

For now they should just change the domain name in the code to resolve the issue before trying to solve the legal issues with ICANN. The domain isn't resolving because the registrar is directed not to issue dns to the domain, causing ip resolving issues.

Ratn Bhandar is getting open...

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