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Гео и язык канала
Индия, Хинди
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JKP SOG soldiers detained Mhd Rafi from the Doda forest as he was on the run after stealing a SOG soldier's AK rifle



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2 Pakistani terrorist killed in Baramulla,

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रीयासी आतंकी हमले में । इसने गाइड का काम किया , रास्ता दिखलाया और अब इलाज होगया, बाकियो का भी होगा । डंडों से भी और गोलीयो से भी

Hakam, age 45 years has been arrested by J&K Police at Reasi. This person was involved in harbouring the terrorists multiple times. Along with providing food and shelter, the said person also acted as a guide and helped them reach the spot of the incident. The arrested person is a prime militant associate who helped the terrorists in the execution of the attack.

इसके अब्बा ने इन लाशों को ऐसे ही छोड़ दिया सड़क पर छी

72×550= (39,600 Hoor Neeed)

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बकराईद पर गौ-वंश की हत्या करते हुए फोटो अपने व्हाट्सएप स्टेटस पर लगाया था।

ये देख कर हिमाचल के जागरूक हिंदुओ का ग़ुस्सा फुट पड़ा
हिंदू संगठनों ने जावेद की रेडिमेड गारमेंट्स शॉप से सामान बाहर निकालकर फेंका।

जावेद सहारनपुर का रहने वाला है, हिमाचल कपड़े की दुकान चलाता है।

लोग बोले– इसको HP में नहीं घुसने देंगे। पुलिस को जावेद की तलाश है।

हिंदू सगठनों ने दुकान मालिकों को चेतावनी दी है कि विशेष समुदाय के लोगों को किराए पर दी गई दुकानें तत्काल खाली करवाएं।

Javed slaughtered Gaumata

- Uploaded the photo on WhatsApp status to provoke Hindus

- United Hindus of Himachal Pradesh threw out all the clothes and goods from garment shop

An Old woman was beaten and attacked by TMC goons just because she was carrying a BJP flag in West Bengal.

Her crime was that she campaigned for BJP and voted for Narendra Modi in Loksabha Elections.

What happened?

Qureshi had brought Rizwana back from her Grandparent’s house on Thursday. He then took her to the market to buy her sweets and fruits. Later that night, he woke her up, took her to the veranda, made her sit on his lap, and he read a kalma (prayer), before slitting her throat. In his confession he mentioned that at this point “Satan came over him”, forcing him to do the deed. He went back to sleep after this.

कुर्बानी देने को पिता ने ननिहाल से बुलाया घुमाया व खिलाया पिलाया आधी रात उठा कलमा सुनाया, अपनी गोद में बिठा चाकू से हलाल किया।

Rajasthan Muslim Father Kills 4-Year-Old Daughter As A 'Sacrifice To Allah’

Rajuddin and Salman, two men in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, have been arrested for threatening and assaulting two sisters at gunpoint. The accused attempted to force the sisters to marry them, but when the girls refused, the men threatened to k* their family members and post their pictures on social media. The accused physically assaulted the sisters, tore their clothes, and sent threatening videos to the victims' brother.


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बकरी तो क्या ये लोग मुर्गियों को भी नहीं छोड़ते।

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And it's not only his mentality. Most of the Pakistani Muslims think like that.

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Uttar Pradesh A shocking case of sēxuāl assāult on a cow has come to light.

In this video going viral on social media, Bhura Sheikh is accused of sēxuālly assāulting a cow.


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All Animal Activists have gone blind, deaf and dumb all of a sudden.

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Coward kare

His name is UMAR AKBAR LONE.
Org : Lashkar-e-Taiba.
From Ussan khoie Pattan Baramulla,Kashmir

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