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Correct Answer - A
Sutton's nevus/halo's nevus : a halo of depigmentation appears around a preexisting melanocytic naevus.
Meyerson’s naevus is used to describe a melanocytic naevus that has developed
an associated inflammatory
reaction, which looks like eczema.
Ref: Rook's textbook of dermatology, 8th edition Pg 54.20.

94) melanocytic naevus surrounded by a depigmented halo is called #PYQ#NEETPG#FMGE
  •   A.Sutton’s nevus
  •   B.Meyerson’s naevus
  •   C.Cockade naevus
  •   D.Nevus anaemicus
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Correct Answer - D
Ans. is 'd' i.e., Psoriasis
Bedside tests for psoriasis
Two bedside tests can be done to confirm the clinical diagnosis of
psoriasis : -
i. Grattage test
Scraping the lesion with a glass slide causes accentuation of the
silvery scales.
ii. Auspitz's Sign
Scraping the lesion with glass slide causes accentuation os slivery
scales (as in Grattage test). If scraping is continued further, a
glistening white adherent membrane (Burlkey's membrane) appears.
On removing Burlkey's membrane punctate (fine pin point) bleeding
become visible, which is referred to as Auspitz's sign.

93)Grattage test is used for- #PYQ#NEETPG#FMGE
  •   A.Tinea capitis
  •   B.Lichen planus
  •   C.Pemphigus vulgaris
  •   D.Psoriasis
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Correct Answer - A
Ans:A. Leukoderma
Leukoderma is a skin disease that causes loss of skin pigmentation
(melanin) that leads to skin whitening.
The white patches on the skin are termed as leukoderma.
When the condition gets severe, the spots cover almost all parts of
the body including scalp, face and the genitals.

92)Identify the condition in the image? #PYQ#NEETPG#FMGE
  •   A.Leukoderma
  •   B.Piebaldism
  •   C.Vitiligo
  •   D.DLE
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Correct Answer - B
Ans. is 'b' i.e., Becker nevus
Becker Nevus
Usually starts in adolescence as an irregular smooth
hyperpigmented macule.
Usually involves shoulder, anterior chest and scapular region,
although any part of the may be involved.
Slowly grows in size of a palm wile acquiring thick dark hair.
Often lesion resembling acne vulgaris in different stages may appear
on surface.
No treatment is required.

91)15 mm/cm hyperpigmented lesion on shoulder enlarging and hair over it ? #PYQ#NEETPG#FMGE
  •   A.Melanocytic nevus
  •   B.Becker nevus
  •   C.Sebaceous nevus
  •   D.Comedo nevus
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Correct Answer - D

Ans. is 'd' i.e., All of the above

Acanthosis nigricans

Acanthosis nigricans is a brown to black, velvety hyperpigmentation of the skin. It is usually found in body folds, such as posterior & lateral folds of neck, axilla, groin, umblicus, forehead. It typically occurs in individuals younger than 40 years of age.

Histopathologically papillomatosis is characteristically seen; however, there is no hypermelanosis and there is only mild acanthosis, if present.

It is associated with

Obesity (most common)

Endocrinopathies-> Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, insuline resistance diabetes, Cushing's disease, PCOD, Bloom syndrome. 3. Internal malignancy-> Gastric adenocarcinoma

90)Acanthosis nigricans is seen in ? #PYQNEETPG#FMGE
  •   A.Diabetes
  •   B.GIT cancer
  •   C.Hypothyroidism
  •   D.All of the above
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Correct Answer - A
Ans. is 'a' i.e., Ketoconazole
Pityriasis versicolor (Tinea versicolor)
Tinea versicolor is a misnomer as it is not caused by dermatophyte;
Pityriasis versicolor is more appropriate term. It is caused by a
nondermatophyte fungus called Pityrosporum ovale (Malasezia
furfur). It usually affects young adults.
Clinical features
There are multiple small scaly hypopigmented macules (macules
may be hyperpigmented also). Scaling is furfuraceous or rice
powder like. Macules start around the hair follicles and then merge
with each other to form large areas. Affects trunk and shoulders
(mainly chest and back). There may be loosening of scales with
finger nails -4 Coupled onle or stroke of nail. Lesions are recurrent in
nature (may reappear after treatment).
Diagnosis of P.versicolor
Examination of scales in 10% KOH shows short hyphae and round
spores (Sphagetti and meat ball appearance). Wood's lamp shows
apple green fluorescence (blue-green fluorescence). Skin surface
biopsy —) A cyanoacrylate adhesive (crazy glue) is used to remove
the layer of stratum corneum on glass slide and then stained with
PAS reagent... Treatment of P.versicolor
1. Systemic agents : - Systemic azoles provide a convenient
therapeutic option. Drugs used are ketoconazole, Fluconazole or
2. Topical antifungals :- Topical antifungals used are : -
i. Azoles —> Clotrimazole, econazole, Miconazole, Ketoconazole.
ii. Others —> Selenium Sulfide, Sodium thiosulphate, whield's
ointment (3% salicylic acid + 6% Benzoic acid).

89)The following drug is effective in treatment of ptyriasis versicolor ? #PYQ#NEETPG#FMGE
  •   A.Ketoconazole
  •   B.Metronidazole
  •   C.Griseofulvin
  •   D.Chloroquine
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88)What is the the most probable diagnosis of a child who presents with white umbilicated lesions on face? #PYQ#NEETPG#FMGE
  •   A.Molluscumcontagiosum
  •   B.Herpes simplex infection
  •   C.Erythema toxicumneonatorum
  •   D.Human pappiloma virus infection
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Correct Answer - A
Ans. is 'a' i.e., Cornybacterium
Erythrasma is a skin disease that causes brown, scaly skin patches.
It is caused by the Gram-positivebacterium
Corynebacteriumminutissimum. It is prevalent among diabetics and
the obese, and in warm climates; it is worsened by wearing
occlusive clothing.

87)Erythrasma is caused by ? #PYQ#NEETPG#FMGE
  •   A.Comybacterium
  •   B.Staphylococcus
  •   C.Streptococcus
  •   D.Herpes virus
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Correct Answer - D
Ans. D. i.e. Tzanck smear from the floor of bulla

86)A 40 year old male reported with recurrent episodes of oral ulcers, large areas of denuded skin and flacid vesiculo-bullous eruptions. Which is the most important bed-side investigation helpful in establishing the diagnosis? #PYQ #NEETPG #FMGE
  •   A. Gram staining of the blister fluid
  •   B.Culture and sensitivity
  •   C.Skin biopsy and immunofluorescence
  •   D.Tzanck smear from the floor of bulla
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